50 Unbroken Quotes About Never Giving Up or Giving In

Take a look at these unbroken quotes that will inspire you to keep going when things get tough.

If you are a person who lives an “unbreakable” lifestyle, then you don’t let circumstances alter your goals or your life.

Here are some characteristics of someone who can’t be broken:

  • Consistent – they show up and do what needs to be done no matter the circumstances.
  • Persevering – when things get tough, they keep going.
  • Inspiring – it is inspiring when you see a person who will never give up or give in.
  • Committed – these people are committed to their goals.
  • Resilient – when they get knocked down or back, they always get back up.

Are you a person who shows an unbreakable spirit?

Make sure you stay focused and don’t let yourself be broken.

Take a look at these unbroken quotes to get some inspiration to achieve your goals.

Unbroken Quotes About Being Consistent

Part of being unbroken is being consistent no matter what, so enjoy these unbroken quotes about consistency.

1. “Always be consistent.” — Casey Kasem

2. “Consistency is a beautiful word.” — Bret Bielema

3. “Part of courage is simple consistency.” — Peggy Noonan

4. “Consistent hard work leads to success.” — Dwayne Johnson

5. “The secret to winning is constant, consistent management.” Tom Landry

6. “What I do every day matters more than what I do once in a while.” Gretchen Rubin

7. “If you are aiming at the top, consistency is the name of the game.” — Olawale Daniel

8. “You always really have to remain consistent in your beliefs and philosophy.” — Mark Messier

9. “For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.” Tony Robbins

10. “Consistency is one of the biggest factors in leading to accomplishment and success.” — Byron Pulsifer

Unbroken Quotes About Persevering

Another part of being unbroken is persevering when things get hard; these unbroken quotes show that.

11. “There’s something to be said for perseverance.” — Ayanna Pressley

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12. “Perseverance is a virtue that cannot be understated.” — Bob Riley

13. “Perseverance and perspective until victory.” — Lincoln Diaz-Balart

14. “Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” Julie Andrews

15. “Great difficulties may be surmounted by patience and perseverance.” — Abigail Adams

16. “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” — Walter Elliot

17. “I’ve definitely been in ruts, and I think having some kind of perseverance is important.” — Paul Dano

18. “It’s perseverance that’s the key. It’s persevering for long enough to achieve your potential.” — Lynn Davies

19. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas A. Edison

20. “If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Unbroken Quotes to Inspire You

Check out these inspiring unbroken quotes.

21. “Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way.” Richard M. Nixon

22. “To persevere, I think, is important for everybody. Don’t give up, don’t give in.” Louis Zamperini

23. “Never give up. There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in anything in life.” — Nathan Chen

24. “Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.” — Marilyn Vos Savant

25. “I’ve always been very driven and knew that to get where I wanted to go, I could never give up.” — Diane Hendricks

26. “Things aren’t always easy, but you just have to keep going and don’t let the small stuff bog you down.” — Stella Maeve

27. “I never give up when I encounter obstacles in my way. I just continue going until I reach my career objectives.” — Henrikh Mkhitaryan

28. “I want to be a role model. I want to be able to know that I inspired girls to work hard and go for their dreams and to never give up.” — Laurie Hernandez

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29. “Progressing at a snail’s pace is still progress, and slow progress is better than no progress. Never be stagnant, and never give up.” — Richelle E. Goodrich

30. “It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” — J.K. Rowling

Unbroken Quotes About Being Committed

Commitment is also a part of being unbroken, as shown in these unbroken quotes about commitment.

31. “Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.” Jim Rohn

32. “The level of success you achieve will be in direct proportion to the depth of your commitment.” — Roy T. Bennett

33. “Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything, whether it’s a relationship, a business, or a hobby.” — Neil Strauss

34. “People often fail to make lasting changes because they don’t commit to one path long enough to see results.” — MK Mueller

35. “Work ethic, confidence, a laser focus and commitment to accomplish a goal that most people can never imagine.” — Daniel Cormier

36. “When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart searches for an escape.” Andy Andrews

37. “People who are interested in doing something will do it when it’s convenient. People who are committed will do it no matter what.” — Bob Proctor

38. “Commitment allows you to focus intently on a few highly important goals and achieve a greater degree of success than you otherwise would.” Mark Manson

39. “Many people don’t focus enough on execution. If you make a commitment to get something done, you need to follow through on that commitment.” — Kenneth Chenault

40. “When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” — Art Turock

Unbroken Quotes About Being Resilient

Take a look at these unbroken quotes about being resilient.

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41. “Resilience isn’t a single skill. It’s a variety of skills and coping mechanisms.” — Jean Chatzky

42. “We human beings are a lot more resilient than we often realize. Resilient and perseverant.” — Jill Abramson

43. “Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.” — Gerver Tulley

44. “I am inspired by the resilience and optimism that young people are showing, despite the challenges they face.” — Cynthia Germanotta

45. “I think there are things that we can all do to build resilience in ourselves, but also to build resilience in each other.” Sheryl Sandberg

46. “The cognitive skills that underpin resilience, then, seem like they can indeed be learned over time, creating resilience where there was none.” — Maria Konnikova

47. “Part of resilience is deciding to make yourself miserable over something that matters, or deciding to make yourself miserable over something that doesn’t matter.” — Elizabeth Edwards

48. “The more obstacles you face and overcome, the more times you falter and get back on track, the more difficulties you struggle with and conquer, the more resiliency you will naturally develop.” — Jim Rohn

49. “Embracing failure is the most important trait I’ve developed in my career. I have tried to learn from my failures, and I believe it has made me stronger, more confident, and more resilient.” — Reshma Saujani

50. “There will always be obstacles and challenges that stand in your way. Building mental strength will help you develop resilience to those potential hazards so you can continue on your journey to success.” — Amy Morin

How Can You Develop an Unbreakable Spirit?

To have an unbreakable spirit, you have to know what you are passionate enough about that you will never give up.

You must be confident, positive, optimistic, passionate, and focused to develop an unbreakable spirit.

Share these unbroken quotes with your friends and family, and post any comments about being unbreakable in the comment section below.

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