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Uncertainty Quotes About Relationships and Opportunities

These quotes to calm uncertainty will help you embrace the unknown side of life.

Dealing with uncertainty can lead to stress, anxiety, and panic. This collection of quotes about navigating uncertainty will help you feel more confident and capable in any situation. In the face of uncertainty, it is important to maintain leadership and poise.

How do you deal with uncertainty?

Read these uncertainty quotes to help you stay calm in moments of crisis. Life is full of uncertainty, so it is important to always be alert and prepared for anything.

This collection of wise words will provide you with helpful tips and tricks for navigating uncertainty. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed and afraid for what the future holds, just take a deep breath and remember to stay calm.

An Unsure Woman

These uncertainty quotes about relationships, opportunities, and uncertain love will give you a fresh perspective on life.

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Uncertainty quotes about relationships and opportunities

1. “Human spirit is the ability to face the uncertainty of the future with curiosity and optimism. It is the belief that problems can be solved, differences resolved. It is a type of confidence. And it is fragile. It can be blackened by fear and superstition.” – Bernard Beckett

2. “Information is the resolution of uncertainty.” – Claude Shannon

3. “If you aren’t in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty or back to pain and regret.” – Jim Carrey

4. “Fear is often our immediate response to uncertainty. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing fear. The key is not to get stuck in it.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

5. “I spent a lot of years trying to outrun or outsmart vulnerability by making things certain and definite, black and white, good and bad. My inability to lean into the discomfort of vulnerability limited the fullness of those important experiences that are wrought with uncertainty: Love, belonging, trust, joy, and creativity to name a few.” – Brene Brown

6. “Uncertainty always creates doubt, and doubt creates fear.” – Oscar Munoz

7. “The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

8. “I used to be scared of uncertainty; now I get a high out of it.” – Jensen Ackles

9. “Uncertainty is a sign of humility, and humility is just the ability or the willingness to learn.” – Charlie Sheen

10. “Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.” – Jacob Bronowski

Uncertainty quotes to help you appreciate the unknown aspects of life

11. “Uncertainty is the refuge of hope.” – Henri Frederic Amiel

12. “Change is always tough. Even for those who see themselves as agents of change, the process of starting a new thing can cause times of disorientation, uncertainty and insecurity.” – Joyce Meyer
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13. “Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.” – William Osler

14. “We are biological creatures. We are born, we live, we die. There is no transcendent purpose to existence. At best we are creatures of reason, and by using reason we can cure ourselves of emotional excess. Purged of both hope and fear, we find courage in the face of helplessness, insignificance and uncertainty.” – Jonathan Sacks

15. “We sail within a vast sphere, ever drifting in uncertainty, driven from end to end.” – Blaise Pascal

16. “Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.” – Brian Greene

17. “Accepting that the world is full of uncertainty and ambiguity does not and should not stop people from being pretty sure about a lot of things.” – Julian Baggini

18. “It is in the admission of ignorance and the admission of uncertainty that there is a hope for the continuous motion of human beings in some direction that doesn’t get confined, permanently blocked, as it has so many times before in various periods in the history of man.” – Richard P. Feynman

19. “Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life. Security is an insipid thing.” – William Congreve

20. “Entrepreneurs are great at dealing with uncertainty and also very good at minimizing risk. That’s the classic great entrepreneur.” – Mohnish Pabrai

Uncertainty quotes to calm you in times of crisis

21. “There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.” – Robert Burns

22. “There’s an interesting trend that occurs in times of mounting pressure and high uncertainty, which is that it’s a natural human tendency to seek out people that agree with us, that are similar to us because it’s a source of comfort in a world that’s so rapidly changing.” – John Hagel III

23. “Uncertainty! fell demon of our fears! The human soul that can support despair supports not thee.” – David Mallet

24. “Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty.” – Tacitus

25. “Uncertainty is a permanent part of the leadership landscape. It never goes away.” – Andy Stanley

26. “We must become more comfortable with probability and uncertainty.” – Nate Silver

27. “Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.” – Carl von Clausewitz

28. “Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.” – Dan Millman

29. “I have no time for specialized concerns, working themes or variations that lead to mastery… I like the indefinite, the boundless; I like continual uncertainty. Other qualities may be more conducive to achievement, publicity, success; but they are all outworn – as outworn as ideologies, opinions, concepts and names for things.” – Gerhard Richter

30. “For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future.” – Barbara Jordan

Uncertainty quotes to give you a fresh perspective on life

31. “Uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership; it underscores the need for leadership.” – Andy Stanley

32. “I have devoted my life to uncertainty. Certainty is the death of wisdom, thought, creativity.” – Shekhar Kapur

33. “I think that when we know that we actually do live in uncertainty, then we ought to admit it; it is of great value to realize that we do not know the answers to different questions. This attitude of mind – this attitude of uncertainty – is vital to the scientist, and it is this attitude of mind which the student must first acquire.” – Richard P. Feynman

34. “A truth which comes to us from outside always bears the stamp of uncertainty. We can believe only what appears to each one of us in our own hearts as truth.” – Rudolf Steiner

35. “Uncertainty is a very good thing: it’s the beginning of an investigation, and the investigation should never end.” – Tim Crouch

36. “The mark of a mature, psychologically healthy mind is indeed the ability to live with uncertainty and ambiguity, but only as much as there really is. Uncertainty is no virtue when the facts are clear, and ambiguity is mere obfuscation when more precise terms are applicable.” – Julian Baggini

37. “Major organizational changes create uncertainty.” – Irene Rosenfeld

38. “Without the element of uncertainty, the bringing off of even, the greatest business triumph would be dull, routine, and eminently unsatisfying.” – J. Paul Getty

39. “Uncertainty will always be part of the taking charge process.” – Harold S. Geneen

40. “We necessarily operate in an environment in which there’s a great deal of uncertainty. In such an environment, it makes sense to use a risk-management approach to identify and avoid the big mistakes. That’s one reason I favor a cautious approach.” – Janet Yellen

Uncertainty quotes that will make your day

41. “Certainty is the mother of quiet and repose, and uncertainty the cause of variance and contentions.” – Edward Coke

42. “Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are absolutely certain, whether of our worth or worthlessness, we are almost impervious to fear.” – William Congreve

43. “If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty.” – Stephen Covey

44. “The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.” – Erich Fromm

45. “Vulnerability is basically uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” – Brene Brown

46. “Life is full of change and uncertainty. We know this. We experience it on a daily basis.” – Carre Otis

47. “Hope is in some respects a thing more brilliant, more vivifying, than fruition. What we have looked forward to with eager and earnest aspiration is never in all respects equal to the picture we had formed of it. The very uncertainty enhances the enjoyment.” – William Godwin

48. “Uncertainty is the worst of all evils until the moment when reality makes us regret uncertainty.” – Alphonse Karr

49. “People who are great at making decisions in the face of uncertainty have great judgment.” – Andy Dunn

50. “If you’re speaking of love, you really must include the element of uncertainty – and perhaps it’s best approached as the art of constant maintenance.” – Twyla Tharp

More uncertainty quotes and sayings

51. “We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!” – Douglas Adams

52. “The mistake is thinking that there can be an antidote to the uncertainty.” – David Levithan

53. “Everything tells me you care for me. And yet never a sign from you.” – André Aciman

54. “When the uncertain future becomes the past, the past in turn becomes uncertain.” – Mohsin Hamid

55. “Regardless of your faith, you can never escape uncertainty.” – Shannon L. Alder

56. “I would choose uncertainty with a chance of happiness over certainty with guaranteed unhappiness on any given day.” – Omar Cherif

57. “Uncertainty is part of the tapestry of life.” – Emiljano Citaku

58. “A person can always be sure of what they don’t know. They might not be sure of what they know.” – Tom Rob Smith

59. “When you embrace the uncertain, life opens up unusual new paths. Seeds sowed way back bloom as flowers, in ways one can never fathom.” – Subroto Bagchi

60. “To try is to invite uncertainty. Where confidence goes, success usually follows.” – Wayne Gerard Trotman

What are your favorite inspirational quotes about navigating uncertainty?

The future is unpredictable, which can seem scary and overwhelming to many people. These embrace uncertainty quotes will help you appreciate the unknown aspects of life.

Are you curious about the future of your relationship, career, or personal goals? These quotes about navigating uncertainty are proof that we are in control of our own destinies.

Leadership in times of uncertainty is the secret to success. If you are an ambitious person with big dreams, you will benefit from reading these uncertainty quotes.

When you learn how to handle stressful situations and unknown circumstances, you will be able to achieve anything. In the face of uncertainty, you must act boldly and be courageous. Share these motivational quotes with your friends and family to comfort them in the face of uncertainty. 

What are your favorite embrace uncertainty quotes about relationships and success? Let us know in the comment section below.

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