50 Divine Feminine Quotes to Enliven Your Spirit  

Tap into your wisdom and creativity with these Divine Feminine quotes!

The divine feminine is a powerful energy that connects and balances the energy of the cosmos.

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What are the benefits of reading divine feminine quotes?

The divine feminine is an energy that exists within all of us, whether you are male or female. 

It is a softer, nurturing, intuitive energy that balances the masculine energy of the world. 

Reading quotes about the divine feminine will enliven your creativity, intuition, compassion, and receptivity. 

Many ancient traditions honored the divine feminine, which was represented through goddesses. 

Some of the goddesses representing the divine feminine in various spiritual and cultural traditions are:

  • Brigid— Celtic
  • Shakti— Hindu
  • Isis— Egyptian
  • Freyja— Norse
  • Aphrodite— Greek
  • Amaterasu— Japanese
  • Oshun— Yoruba people of Nigeria 

While the divine feminine is also associated with beauty, sexuality, and fertility, it is less about gender and reproduction as it is about balance. 

A simple way to think about the sacred (or divine) feminine is by thinking about Mother Earth. 

Mother Earth is strong, loving, nurturing, all—knowing, and a source of life.

Like the divine feminine, Mother Earth also seeks constant balance for life to flourish.

Raging in battle is another aspect of the divine feminine recognized in ancient traditions. 

Similarly, Mother Earth is a protector of creation and is not afraid to wage war to uphold the balance of creation. 

As you can see, the divine feminine encompasses many qualities. 

When we recognize and honor the divine feminine in ourselves and in the world, we create a harmonious balance in which we all thrive. 

Check out these divine feminine quotes to connect with your sacred feminine today!

Top Ten Divine Feminine Quotes

Here is my pick for the ten best Divine Feminine quotes!

1. “The Sacred Feminine is in our blood. It is our heritage..”― Elizabeth Eile

2. “Shakti is the divine force, manifesting to destroy demonic forces and restore balance.” — Amish Tripathi

3. “In the world of the Goddess, no rules apply. We have infinite capacity to be more than we are.” — Deepak Chopra

4. “The Divine Feminine encourages interdependence, interconnectedness, and mutual support.” — Layne Redmond

5. “Woman is the radiance of God; she is not your beloved. She is the Creator — you could say that she is not created.” – Rumi

6. “The Divine Feminine is not a female deity but an energy that we all possess, regardless of our gender.” — Michael A. Singer

7. “The divine feminine is not a weak, frail thing. It is a powerful force, one that drives the universe forward.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

8. “The Divine Feminine is a force within each one of us. She is there, waiting to be awakened and remembered.” — Andrew Harvey

9. “Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions.” — Starhawk

10. “The return of the Divine Feminine is the return to the sacredness of the Earth, to the sacredness of all creation.” — Llewellyn Vaughan—Lee

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Quotes That Explain the Divine Feminine

These Divine Feminine quotes beautifully explain “her” meaning and purpose. 

11. “The Divine Feminine in her many faces as a life—death—rebirth deity connects us with the living reality of Nature.” — Miriam Robbins Dexter

12. “The Goddess in all her manifestations is a symbol of the life force manifest in the cosmos and in human beings, and of the continuity of life and regeneration.” — Marija Gimbutas

13. “The Divine Feminine is the manifestation of the purest form of feminine expression. Because of Her, we may come to realize that all life stems from a deep source of love.” — Wayne Dyer

14. “She is called the Divine Feminine, celebrated in many forms, in many religions, from ancient times to today. She is the holy, yet she is earthy; She is gentle and nurturing, yet fierce and powerful.” — Sue Monk Kidd

15. “The Divine Feminine has come to our civilization to balance the overly dominant masculine energy. She brings with her qualities like love, peace, patience, intuition, compassion, forgiveness, healing, and wisdom.” — Marianne Williamson

Goddess Divine Feminine Quotes

Another way to refer to the Divine Feminine is as the Goddess. 

16. “I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself” ― Marion Zimmer Bradley

17. “The Goddess doesn’t wound herself. She doesn’t carry a sword. She always carries a mirror.” — Marion Woodman

 18. “The journey to the Goddess is not outward, but inward. She is the Earth, the Moon, and the Star inside each and every one of us.” — Z. Budapest

19. “The Goddess represents the aspect of ourselves that we associate with emotions, intuition, and mystical knowledge.” — Shakti Gawain

20. “The Goddess has never been lost. It is just that sometimes we lose the ability to hear her, to notice her miracles, and to see her possibilities.” — Lucy Cavendish

21. “To be a goddess is to be a woman in touch with her divine and spiritual essence, to shine from within, to be authentic, and to be a force of nature.” — Doreen Virtue

22. “The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world. Manifest in each of us, She can be known internally by every individual, in all her magnificent diversity.” — Starhawk

23. “The Goddess is not just the female version of God. She represents the totality of God with the masculine and feminine in sacred union.” — Timothy Freke

24. “She represents the divine embodied in nature, concrete and visible, accessible in ordinary life and experience, manifest as life itself.” — Carol P. Christ

25. “The Goddess doesn’t enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking.” — Marianne Williamson

Shakti as the Divine Feminine Quotes

In Hinduism, Shakti represents the divine feminine energy or power. 

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26. “Let’s not forget that in India, the symbol of strength is a woman; the goddess Shakti.” — Indira Gandhi

27. “To awaken Shakti within oneself is to embark on a journey of transformation and purification.” — Swami Sivananda

28. “Shakti is not just a matter of personal spiritual awakening; it is a matter of the evolution of every soul, a cosmic evolution.” — Sri Aurobindo

29. “Without Shakti, there is no expression, no creation, no power to maintain or destroy. Shakti is life itself, moving and unmoving.” — Sadhguru

30. “Shakti represents the inherent creative, curative, and transformative power in each one of us. To connect with it is to unlock our infinite potential.” — Anodea Judith

31. “Shakti is the divine cosmic energy that represents the female half of the divine duality. It is the energetic force which moves through us, giving us our spirit and life force.” — Deepak Chopra

32. “Shakti is the primal force of the Universe, the essence of dynamism, energy, and soul. She is the embodiment of power and strength coursing through life and the cosmos.” — Devdutt Pattanaik

33. “Shakti is the divine mother who gives birth to and nurtures the newborn—whether it is a newborn baby, a brand new relationship, a fresh idea, or a magical manifestation.” — Deepak Chopra

34. “Shakti is the creative force, the bonding power, it harmonizes, it unites, it brings together, and it is love. After dissolution, it is Shakti that brings the universe back into manifestation.” — Sri Swami Satchidananda

35. “Shakti, the divine feminine power, is the dynamic force moving through all things. It is the essence of the divine mother, flowing with love and strength, nurturing and bringing forth life.” — Sally Kempton

Isis as the Divine Feminine Quotes

In these quotes, the Goddess Isis represents the Divine Feminine. 

36. “Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth, remains one of the most familiar images of empowered and utter femininity.”  — Leonard Shlain

37. “Isis is the Goddess of motherhood, magic, death, healing, and rebirth. She will guide through the darkness, into the light.” — Lisa Chamberlain

38. “Isis, Great Mother of Life, of love unending, grant me the wisdom to live in peace and in grace, to honor the divine that lives in us all.” — Rosemary Clark

39. “Isis was a great enchantress, the goddess of magic. She was the daughter of the sky goddess Nut and was considered the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.” — Geraldine Pinch

40. “Isis was the symbol of divine motherhood, she who stirred the life force within, who protected, who taught humanity the secrets of agriculture. She was both of the earth and of the sky, a bridge between our base and lofty selves.” — Normandi Ellis

Freyja as the Divine Feminine Quotes

Freyja represents the Divine Feminine in Norse mythology.

41. “Freyja, the embodiment of love and war, beauty and death, reminds us of the dualities in our own lives, and the power we have to reconcile them.” — Carolyne Larrington

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42. “Freyja, much like the seidr she wields, is a goddess of weaving — weaving together the threads of love, desire, power, and the connections between all living things.” — Maria Kvilhaug

43. “Freyja teaches us that the wellspring of our personal magic lies in the acceptance and celebration of our nature — the good, the bad, the beautiful, the passionate, the powerful, and the sacred.” — Lisa Chamberlain

44. Freyja is considered to be the ‘Lady’ of the Vanir, one of two tribes of deities. She bridges the divide between the Earthly and the Divine, embodying love, beauty, and the power of transformation.” — Britt Solheim

45. “Freyja is seen as the ‘first’ of the goddesses, and is often associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, magic, war, and death. Her ability to traverse across the realms in her feathered cloak reminds us of the power of adaptability and exploration.” — Daniel McCoy

More Divine Feminine Quotes

Here are some more beautiful quotes about the Divine Feminine. 

46. “When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are, in fact, being moved by the divine feminine.” – Teri Degler

47. “There’s an entire spectrum of the Divine Feminine for us all to explore – and it truly is a personal journey of integration.” – Carly Stephan

48. “You are a wild priestess with a courageous divine feminine heart and the spirit of wise ancients within. Never let them tame you. Stay free.” – Ara

49. “Goddess knows, what it is in the depths of our souls. As a river shall flow, our directions unfold. Goddess knows, the birth as the death opens our souls to divinity within our sacred whole.” ― Ulonda Faye

50. “The rise of the Divine Feminine does not have to be at the expense of the Sacred Masculine. It is about the complete respect of the differences that the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine bring to a physical and spiritual union.” ― Reena Kumarasingham

The Divine Feminine is not Gender Specific 

Why do we use the gendered term “feminine” to describe divine energy that can also exist within males?

It is simply a way to describe balance. 

For example, in Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang are a balance between opposite but interconnected forces. 

Order and disorder, summer and winter, male and female.

The forces are not in competition but rely upon each other. 

In the yin/yang symbol, there is not a straight line down the middle but a flexible flow into and out of one another, which illustrates the different versions of balance. 

We can also understand this dichotomic balance by looking at the connection between the sun and moon, fire and water, or the right and left sides of the brain.

An equal but opposite relationship at play is necessary for harmony in all of these examples. 

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