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Who is an Electrician

Our homes are powered by electricity, and the electrician is a technician who takes care that all the electrical systems function properly.

These professionals ensure that our homes or commercial premises stay safe and that there are no power outages.

Responsibilities of an Electrician

Electricians are qualified technicians who are specialized in installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems and appliances. 

Here are some of the most common responsibilities of an electrician:

  • Interpret electrical diagrams and blueprints.
  • Install wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, and lighting fixtures.
  • Locate the electrical issues and perform necessary repairs.
  • Performing regular inspections and maintenance.
  • Upgrading electrical apparatus to fulfill safety standards

Electrical safety is one of the biggest concerns for the electricians.

Electricians look for malfunctioning and improperly installed electrical equipment.

This prevents fires, electrical shocks, and other hazards. 

When repairing equipment, electricians follow strict safety rules. 

For instance, a skilled electrician ensures that the current is grounded.

Observing security issues and properly insulated wiring are some of the key tasks of an electrician.

Excessive Demand for Electricians

Technological advancements and our dependence on electric appliances have increased the demand for skilled electricians.

Electricians are required for different commercial and residential sectors.

They are necessary for installing wiring and appliances in newly built homes. 

In addition, the increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources and energy-efficient appliances has created new opportunities for electricians.

With proper installation and maintenance, it is possible to enjoy the safe and hassle-free usage of electric appliances.

On the other hand, electricians are crucial for addressing the issue of faulty or over-aging electrical infrastructure.

By thoroughly upgrading the electrical systems and introducing smart technologies, it is possible to ensure safe electrical distribution.

Top 10 Electrician Quotes 

These are top electrician quotes that will help you to know the perks of working as an electrician.

1. “My mum is a school teacher, and my dad is an electrician.” — Jai Courtney

2. “My mother’s a secretary; my father’s an electrician in a mining company.” — Eva Herzigova

3. “To be honest, in my five years as an electrician, I never got the license.” — Nick Flynn

4. “After leaving school, I worked as an electrician before becoming an actor.” — David Jason

5. “I was an electrician, and now I’m in ‘Electric Dreams.’ It’s almost bizarre.” — Liam Cunningham

6. “Fortunately, I’ve also been an electrician, and that’s a happy memory for me.” — James MacArthur

7. “My heroes are the camera crew and the electricians. They work such long hours.”  — Adam Baldwin

8. “One piece of advice: unless you’re an electrician, do not wear your mobile on your belt.” — Gok Wan

9. “I can get a good doctor in a minute and a half. Getting a really good electrician – that’s hard.” — Charles Murray

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10. “But it is not given to every electrician to die in so glorious a manner as the justly envied Richmann.” — Joseph Priestley

Electrician Quotes About Career 

After going through the following quotes, you can decide if you want to make a career as an electrician.

11. “I became an electrician after high school. But I always had this thing in me to write.” — Nick Flynn

12. “I was training to be an electrician. I suppose I got wired the wrong way round somewhere along the line.” Elvis Presley

13. “I have to write and play. If I became an electrician tomorrow, I’d still come home at night and write songs.” — Bruce Springsteen

14. “I’m technically the utility guy on the field. Whether you need a plumber or an electrician, man, I’m here for you.” — Travis Kelce

15. “I’m not a film-school guy. I was a high-school dropout; I was on a nuclear submarine; I was an electrician; I was a house painter.” — David Ayer

16. “I’ve got ‘writer and electrician’ on my passport. I don’t want anyone to think I’m an actor.” — John Gordon Sinclair

17. “I was an electrician, and I started acting as a hobby because I needed a distraction – I was bored!” — Liam Cunningham

18. “I studied to be an electrician even though I was progressing at football because you never know at that stage if you are going to be there for sure.” — Jaap Stam

19. “People of Baltimore, if you want to simply learn a new trade, if you want to join the Foundry, it’s a membership… You can take a class and say, ‘I want to be an electrician.’” — Kevin Plank

20. “By an irony of fate, my first employment was as a draughtsman. I hated drawing; it was, for me, the very worst of annoyances. Fortunately, it was not long before I secured the position I sought, that of a chief electrician to the telephone company.” Nikola Tesla

Electrician Quotes About Skills 

The following quotes show the importance of skills in every profession, not just being an electrician.

21. “Grips and electricians have done more to help me shoot good movies than any other craft.” — Gordon Willis

22. “I would never date a celebrity. I would want someone with real skills. Doctor, nurse, electrician… tailor.” — Hannah Gadsby

23. “I say get an education. Become an electrician, a mechanic, a doctor, a lawyer, anything but a fighter.” Muhammad Ali

24. “I want to do more records with carpenters, electricians, people who specialize in even more bizarre trades that are off the beaten path.” — Jack White

25. “Any actor working a long time should know how a shot is set up, where to place themselves, and how to handle the lines. I’m a member of the crew, like the best boy, the electrician.” — Jodie Foster

More Skilled Electrician Quotes

Here are a few more quotes showing the importance of skills in every profession, including being an electrician.

26. “I never go on a movie set as the star. I always go as the guy who just does his job, like the electrician does his job and the hairdresser does her job.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

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27. “We have to be plumbers, electricians, construction engineers, or workers on the space station, but at the same time, running a laboratory, being scientists, being the best laboratory assistants we can be.” — Thomas Marshburn

28. “[Mr. Gray] has the advantage over me in being a practical electrician – but I have reason to believe that I am better acquainted with the phenomena of sound than he is – so that I have an advantage there.” — Alexander Graham Bell

29. “Steamfitter, pipefitter, electrician, mechanic, and plumber. I wanted to do those things. But it just didn’t come easy.” — Mike Rowe

30. “Ohm (a distinguished mathematician, be it noted) brought into order a host of puzzling facts connecting electromotive force and electric current in conductors, which all previous electricians had only succeeded in loosely binding together qualitatively under some rather vague statements.” — Oliver Heaviside

Working As An Electrician Quotes 

These quotes give an insight into their working life of electricians.

31. “Mum stayed home to look after us, and Dad was an electrician, working long hours to support us.” — Steph Houghton

32. “I know when I’m not dancing and I go home, I usually work with my dad, who’s an electrician. So I do stuff like that.” — Tristan MacManus

33. “My father was a guy most comfortable in the company of bricklayers and carpenters and electricians. And I have a lot of that in me, also.” Donald Trump

34. “My dad’s a worker, an electrician, a bog standard job. Nothing glamorous like a footballer, but yet he still provided me with what I needed.” — Ashley Thomas

35. “My mother’s dad dropped out of the eighth grade to work. He had to. By the time he was 30, he was a master electrician, plumber, carpenter, mason, and mechanic.” — Mike Rowe

More Quotes About Working As An Electrician

Here are a few more quotes about being an electrician.

36. “I have been able to buy a house with a swimming pool, and everything we do now is completely transformed compared to what it was like when I was an electrician.” — Rob Cross

37. “I’m a working-class former apprentice electrician; at the age of 14, if you’d told me I would one day be standing on a stage with Mel Brooks, I’d have thought you were off your head.” — John Gordon Sinclair

38. “My mom managed to get a job as a custodian at our church, and it was really just a favor for her, and my dad’s an electrician – just a blue-collar family, and the house was usually falling apart.” — Crystal Bowersox

39. “Some stuntmen become actors, but Hollywood is a caste-oriented society. Most of the time, you just don’t have the opportunity to get out of your field if you’re a grip, an electrician, stuntman, set designer, director or actor.” — Hal Needham

40. “I was walking home from school when I was about 17 with two friends, and they took a left into an electrical shop. While we were chatting away, they grabbed a couple of forms, and I was handed one. My mum found it and made me fill it in. I got called for an interview, and that’s how I ended up being an electrician for 11 years.” — Liam Cunningham

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Entertaining Electrician Quotes 

This section contains quotes that are full of entertainment and will entertain you as you read them. You can share them with others also to make their day.

41. “I think all record companies should be run by a musician. Just as you wouldn’t trust your health to an electrician.” — Paul Bley

42. “We are more casual about qualifying the people we allow to act as advocates in the courtroom than we are about licensing electricians.” — Warren E. Burger

43. “I take the subway four times a day, or close to it. I just love the subway! My grandfather worked as an electrician when they were digging the subway.” — Mike Birbiglia

44. “My kids are blissfully unaware of anything I do. I asked my four-year-old, Harrison, what I did, and he said, ‘You’re an electrician.’ He must have seen me changing a lightbulb.” — Ben Miller

45. “We need people who can actually do things. We have too many bosses and too few workers. More college graduates ought to become plumbers or electricians, then go home at night and read Shakespeare.” — Andy Rooney

Additional Quotes About Electricians

Enjoy these last few quotes about electricians.

46. “With chefs, the problem is we have to be very confident because people are looking at us for that. So pretty soon, you think you’re a plumber, you think you’re an electrician, you think you’re an accountant.” — Michael Mina

47. “If lawyers are disbarred, and clergymen defrocked, doesn’t it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed, tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners depressed?” — Steven Wright

48. “I was 25 when I told my parents that I was giving up steady work as an electrician to become an actor. They couldn’t have been less enthusiastic if I’d proposed starting a commercial newt-breeding operation in the bathroom.” — David Jason

49. ”I probably learned, being in ‘Taxi Driver’ before I made my first film, I would come to the set every day just to watch how that film came about. It’s like a graduate course: it’s terrific. You talk to the cinematographer during the breaks. You ask the electrician why they are doing this.” — Albert Brooks

50. “An unemployed electrician, whom I had been taunting with my reminder of how much richer I was, leaned forward and said: ’What are your qualifications? I know exactly what your qualifications are. You bent over in the shower to pick up some soap at Eton and Harrow, like all the rest of them.” — Auberon Waugh

Which One of these Electrician Quotes is your Favorite? 

Electricians are the qualified people who are behind the flawless working of electric systems. 

They are the unsung heroes who are powering our homes and commercial places.

To recognize their commitment and skills, it is possible to maintain the safe usage of electricity. 

Due to all these aspects, electricians are highly respected around the globe.

If you have sorted out an electrician quote that inspires you the most, do share it with us via the comments section.

We are looking forward to your reply.

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