Achieving The Perfect Day 

What is the perfect day?

If the Earth has over eight billion people, there are over eight billion ways the perfect day can manifest. 

We can all agree that the perfect day is one where you wake up feeling fantastic and proceed to engage in all of the activities that put you in a state of joy

What does your perfect day look like?

Maybe your perfect day means a quiet day fishing or working in the garden

Or perhaps your perfect day involves spending time with loved ones or accomplishing a dream

For some people, the perfect day is every day they wake up with breath in their lungs and a heart that beats. 

The details of the perfect day will change depending on who you ask, but the essence remains the same. 

The perfect day is centered on following your highest excitement, but is it truly possible?

Today we explore the components of how to have the perfect day. 

Could perfection be a state of mind?

If you tell the average person to have the perfect day, they might not even know how to do it. 

Sometimes we get caught up with responsibilities to our families, careers, or education that we cannot begin to think about our day already being perfect. 

When someone asks how your day is going, do you say everything is perfect?

Or do you say that you are just okay?

How we perceive our day will flavor how we experience our day. 

Our words and intents matter. 

Such details separate the difference between speaking an okay day or a perfect day into existence. 

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Many of us have been taught to believe that nobody is perfect.

But what if perfection was the state of being of feeling at peace?

The formula for the perfect day

You probably remember taking math in school and your teacher attempting to get you to remember various formulas. 

You might remember or recognize those formulas if you see them, but most people do not use them for any practical purpose in their everyday lives. 

If only young people were given the formula for the perfect day!

Well, it turns out that there is a formula for the perfect day!

The formula for the perfect day goes as follows:

Step One – Follow your highest excitement.

The first part of the perfect day formula requires you to know yourself. 

What do you want to experience? 

What are you drawn to?

Do you want to pick up a new skill or enrich an old one?

Is your perfect day part of a short or long-term goal?

Does your perfect day involve coordinating with anyone else?

What do you want out of your day?

Taking a quiet moment to meditate on the questions above will give you a better idea about what you want. 

A clear understanding provides you with a map of the steps you need to take to get to your perfect day. 

Once you know what you wish to achieve or experience, you can move on to step two. 

Step Two – Act on your excitement to the best of your ability. 

Step two means acting on your excitement by taking the actual physical steps toward what you want. 

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These actions come in the form of you actively exhausting all opportunities and potentials to follow your highest excitement. 

These actions can also mean handling all your responsibilities so that you can carve out the time for your perfect day. 

Action is the vital formula component here. 

If you have a desire, you should speak it to the universe, but you also must act on it. 

If you desire a bigger or fancier home, a more fulfilling job, a happier relationship, or perfect health, it will not occur by sitting stagnant.

Acting on your dreams is essential to the perfect day. 

By consistently following your excitement, you naturally increase life’s synchronicity of placing you exactly where you need to be when you need to be there. 

Step Three – Apply zero conditions or insistences on expressing your excitement.

It might seem difficult initially, but remember that your higher mind knows more than your physical mind can imagine.

If you want to experience the perfect day, be open to the experience!

If you say things like, “Well, my perfect day can only happen if such and such occurs,” you set limitations on how the universe around you can manifest the perfect day. 

Our beliefs have power; they fuel our dreams and drive our perfect days. 

When we apply conditions or insistence to what can happen, we automatically cut ourselves from the myriad ways our experience can manifest. 

Dreams come true nightmares die

One of my favorite emcees is the rapper AZ, who said, “Dreams come true, nightmares die.”

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This particular lyric always struck me as a brilliant way of experiencing reality. 

The stories fuel our dreams told to us and the stories we tell ourselves. 

If life is like a dream, it will ebb and flow. 

The perfect day requires us to be open to what’s happening in our present. 

Not all dreams are going to be pleasurable. 

It is important to remember that the entirety of our life is the dream.

Sometimes we actually need nightmares to help us appreciate what we have. 

How many times have you dreamt of losing someone you care about, only to want to hug them the following day in appreciation? 

Nightmares might be scary, but they can teach us valuable lessons by showing us what our lives could be like. 

It is possible to turn even a nightmare into a perfect day if you remember that there will be times of joy and times of pain

The nightmares are experiences designed to teach us who we are by showing us what we are not. 

If there were no situations to compare yourself to, you would not know who you are. 

Following the formula, you can transform even a nightmare situation into a perfect one. 

Go live your perfect day today

Keep following your excitement! 

You can also check out this book for a more detailed formula!

What does your perfect day look like?

Be sure to tell us about it in the comments below. 

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