144 Perfection Quotes to Inspire Excellence

These practice and perfection quotes will encourage you to strive for greatness.

It’s not realistic to ever be perfect, but always striving to do your best will help you achieve greatness.

This collection of the best inspirational quotes will encourage you to be the most perfect version of yourself possible.

How do you reach your goals while on your quest for perfection?

When you believe in yourself, it’s possible to reach even your wildest dreams.

These perfection and excellence quotes will motivate you to work hard and surpass everyone’s expectations.

When you’re working on a passion project and following your heart, you may be determined to achieve perfection.

However, it is important not to let the idea of perfection stop you from getting the work done.

These progress over perfection quotes will remind you that trying your best is the most important factor in achieving success.

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Perfection quotes to inspire excellence

1. “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

Perfection Quotes about excellence

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2. “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

fear of Perfection Quotes

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3. “Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.” – Kim Collins

Perfection Quotes about improvement

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4. “Perfection is impossible; just strive to do your best.” – Angela Watson

best Perfection Quotes

5. “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” – Colin Powell

Perfection Quotes about success

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6. “The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Perfection Quotes to inspire excellence

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7. “Imperfection and perfection go so hand in hand, and our dark and our light are so intertwined, that by trying to push the darkness or the so-called negative aspects of our life to the side… we are preventing ourselves from the fullness of life.” – Jeff Bridges

8. “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Perfection Quotes to achieved the success

9. “The pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement.” – George Will

Perfection Quotes about The pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement

10. “I don’t believe in perfection. I don’t think there is such a thing. But the energy of wanting things to be great is a perfectionist energy.” – Reese Witherspoon

Perfection Quotes to believe in perfection

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Perfection quotes to inspire you to improve yourself

11. “I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence I can reach for; perfection is God’s business.” – Michael J. Fox

12. “The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.” – Eugene Delacroix

Perfection Quotes at perfetion in everything achieves

13. “Imperfection is perfection.” – Flume

Perfection Quotes on Inperfection is perfection

14. “Everyone is comparing lives on social media and wants the perfect body, perfect image, perfect outfit, perfect life – we’re striving for this perfection, and it’s so unhealthy because there’s no such thing as perfection.” – Emily Atack

15. “Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process.” – Jerry Moran

Perfection Quotes about product

16. “Aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable. However, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it than those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable.” – Philip Stanhope

17. “The perfection of art is to conceal art.” – Quintilian

Perfection Quotes on the perfection of art is to conceal art

18. “You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing. You don’t have to do anything to earn it. Your shortcomings, your lack of self-esteem, physical perfection, or social and economic success – none of that matters. No one can take this love away from you, and it will always be here.” – Ram Dass

19. “Style is the perfection of a point of view.” – Richard Eberhart

Perfection Quotes on style is the perfection of a point of view

20. “I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect.” – Taylor Swift

Perfection Quotes about I think the perfection of love is that it's not perfect

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Perfection quotes to inspire you to do your best

21. “We curate our lives around this perceived sense of perfection because we get rewarded in these short term signals: Hearts, likes, thumbs up. We conflate that with value, and we conflate it with truth, and instead, what it really is is fake, brittle popularity that’s short term and leaves you even more vacant and empty before you did it.” – Chamath Palihapitiya

22. “If I waited for perfection… I would never write a word.” – Margaret Atwood (see more Margaret Atwood quotes)

Perfection Quotes to inspire you to do your best

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23. “Perfection is impossible, but you don’t stop aiming for it.” – Saquon Barkley

Perfection Quotes on perfection is impossible, but you don't stop aiming for it

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24. “Spirituality is not a formula; it is not a test. It is a relationship. Spirituality is not about competency; it is about intimacy. Spirituality is not about perfection; it is about connection. The way of the spiritual life begins where we are now in the mess of our lives.” – Mike Yaconelli

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25. “This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfections.” – Saint Augustine

Perfection Quotes about imperfection

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26. “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” – Michelangelo

Perfection Quotes about divine perfection

27. “I don’t love Photoshop; I like imperfection. It doesn’t mean ugly. I love a girl with a gap between her teeth, versus perfect white veneers. Perfection is just… boring. Perfect is what’s natural or real; that is beauty.” – Marc Jacobs

28. “Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

inspirational Perfection Quotes

29. “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

Perfection Quotes about pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

30. “I’ve seen the majestic beauty of nature and the overwhelming perfection of it. To me, there’s nothing closer to God than that.” – Cote de Pablo

Perfection Quotes about beauty of nature

Perfection quotes to help you reach your goals

31. “Perfection to me is, I walk away from a situation and say, ‘I did everything I could do right there. There was nothing more that I could do.’ I was a hundred percent, like the meter was at the top. There was nothing else I could have done. You know? Like, I worked as hard as I possibly could have. That’s perfection.” – Drake

32. “The principal mark of genius is not perfection but originality, the opening of new frontiers.” – Arthur Koestler

Perfection Quotes about frontiers

33. “Perfection doesn’t exist.” – Andres Iniesta

Perfection Quotes on perfection doesn't exist

34. “We never taste happiness in perfection, our most fortunate successes are mixed with sadness.” – Pierre Corneille

Happiness Perfection Quotes

35. “I am no longer concerned with sensation and innovation, but with the perfection of my style.” – Yves Saint Laurent

Perfection Quotes about innovation

36. “One can only be perfect in his own genre.” ― Sergey Vedenyo

37. “March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life’s path.” – Khalil Gibran

Perfection Quotes that sharp stones on life's path

38. “Perfection is boring. If a face doesn’t have mistakes, it’s nothing.” – Kevyn Aucoin

Perfection Quotes about perfection is boring.

39. “It’s not about finding relevance or perfection or imperfection in objects, but it’s that you can accept yourself and then go out and accept others.” – Jeff Koons

40. “A minute of perfection was worth the effort. A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection.” – Chuck Palahniuk

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Insightful perfection quotes

41. “Redemption is not perfection. The redeemed must realize their imperfections.” – John Piper

42. “The pursuit of perfection, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light.” – Matthew Arnold

43. “Perfectionism rarely begets perfection, or satisfaction – only disappointment.” – Ryan Holiday

44. “Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.” – Martha Graham

45. “Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.” – Voltaire

46. “I am not a perfectionist. Perfection doesn’t exist in real life. It’s a wrong title for me.” – Aamir Khan

47. “I gave up my struggle with perfection a long time ago. That is a concept I don’t find very interesting anymore. Everyone just wants to look good in the photographs. I think that is where some of the pressure comes from. Be happy. Be yourself, the day is about a lot more.” – Anne Hathaway

48. “The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.” – George Orwell

49. “People throw away what they could have by insisting on perfection, which they cannot have, and looking for it where they will never find it.” – Edith Schaeffer

50. “Looking for perfection is the only way to motivate yourself.” – Ronnie O’Sullivan

Other perfection quotes and sayings

51. “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” – Leo Tolstoy

52. Done is better than perfect.” – Sheryl Sandberg

53. “It’s not about perfection; it’s about the joy of striving.” – Thomas Keller

54. “No one is perfect. It’s not interesting to be perfect.” – Lindsay Lohan

55. “Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” – Marie Angelique Arnauld

56. “Producing perfection from imperfection is, after all, the highest of art forms.” – Frank Herbert

57. “I think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.” – Yohji Yamamoto

58. “Nobody’s perfect. We’re all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels.” – Jeannette Walls

59. “Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly.” – Robert H. Schuller

60. “A certain type of perfection can only be realized through a limitless accumulation of the imperfect.” – Haruki Murakami

61. “You know how you’re always trying to get things to come out perfect in art because it’s real difficult in life.”― Woody Allen

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62. “True perfection has to be imperfect. I know that sounds foolish, but it’s true.”― Noel Gallagher

63. “Don’t worry about getting perfect, just keep getting better.”― Frank Peretti

64. “To appreciate life’s small moments, it helps to have a sense the whole can never be made perfect.”― Alain de Botton

65. “The only skill that cannot be perfected is perfection itself.”― Daphne Delacroix

Perfection quotes about love and what it means to people

66. “I’m chasing perfection.” — Kobe Bryant

67. “Love is the bond of perfection.” — John Winthrop

68. “It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection.” — Oscar Wilde

69. “I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well.” — Tom Ford

70. “Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age.” — Albert Einstein

71. “Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” — Nia Peeples

72. “I think what makes people fascinating is conflict, it’s drama, it’s the human condition. Nobody wants to watch perfection.” — Nicolas Cage

73. “To feel much for others and little for ourselves; to restrain our selfishness and exercise our benevolent affections, constitute the perfection of human nature.” — Adam Smith

74. “You’re not looking for perfection in your partner. Perfection is all about the ego. With soulmate love, you know that true love is what happens when disappointment sets in – and you’re willing to deal maturely with these disappointments.” — Karen Salmansohn

75. “There would be no need for love if perfection were possible. Love arises from our imperfection, from our being different and always in need of the forgiveness, encouragement and that missing half of ourselves that we are searching for, as the Greek myth tells us, in order to complete ourselves.” — Eugene Kennedy

Perfection quotes to help you progress in life

76. “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.” ― Donald Miller

77. “Imperfection facilitates improvement, perfection facilitates stagnation.” ― Abhijit Naskar

78. “A small step of progression is a thousand times better than a delayed step of perfection. Perfectionism procrastinates and paralyzes progress.” ― Tony Warrick

79. “Few good friends, one great partner, and something I love to do every day, that’s the idea of my little perfect life.” ― Sarvesh Jain

80. “The wise strive for their best. The foolish strive for perfection.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

81. “Perfection is not a destination; it’s a never-ending process…Enjoy!” ― Jim Bouchard

82. “Perfectionism means that you try not to leave so much mess to clean up. But clutter and mess show us that life is being lived.” ― Anne Lamott

83. “Perfect should never be a goal. Perfect just happens if you let it.” ― Wendy Wunder

84. “There is desire in the perfect, beauty in the imperfect. Thus I lust over the flawless, and fall amorously forceless to the flawed.” ― Ilyas Kassam

85. “A pursuit for perfection is the most leading cause of procrastination in artists.” ― Neeraj Agnihotri

Perfection Quotes To Help You Stay Focused On Your Main Goals

86. “Until you realize perfection is an ideal and not a reality, you will never have self-confidence.” ― J.S. Felts

87. “Expecting perfection can only lead to disappointment. Besides, it’s the flaws that give a person character. That’s where the beauty hides.” ― Tessa Bailey

88. “No, you’re not perfect & that’s how it should be.” ― Megan Hine

89. “It’s actually normal to desire perfection—at least near, but remember originality too.” ― Itohan Eghide

90. “The real goal is to create something that evokes emotion, not to be perfect.” ― Drasen

91. “Forever does not imply perfection; rather, it refers to long-term happiness that allows us to strive to be a better person every day.” ― Shaa Zainol

92. “You don’t have to be perfect, just try to be kind. Perfection is inferior to kindness.” ― Debasish Mridha

93. “There is a very thin line between wisely striving for your best and foolishly striving for perfection.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

94. “Only a fool pursues perfection, the wise pursues self-correction.” ― Abhijit Naskar

95. “We ruin what we have by trying to make it perfect. Enjoy the imperfectness.” ― Sarvesh Jain

Perfection Quotes To Help You Be Content With Your Situation

96. “When something has been perfect, there is a tendency to try hard to repeat it.” ― Edna O’Brien 

97. “Our erected wit maketh us to know what perfection is.” ― Philip Sidney

98. “Perfection is not necessary to make a real and lasting difference to other people’s lives.” ― J. K. Rowling

99. “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” ― Vince Lombardi

100. “If you do not learn to deny yourself, you can make no progress in perfection.” ― John of the Cross

101. “Adjusting to the requirement for perfection is, I think, the most difficult part of learning to program.” ― Fred Brooks

102. “He only moves toward the perfection of his art whose criticism surpasses his achievement.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

103. “Be content with nothing less than perfection.” ― Walter J. Phillips

104. “I’m a perfectionist. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s okay if there are flaws here and there.” ― Tyra Banks

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105. “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” ― John Steinbeck

Perfection Quotes That Will Lead To Success

106. “Perfection is lots of little things done well.” — Fernand Point

107.  “You can’t wait to become perfect, you got to go out and fall down and get up with everybody else.” — Ray Bradbury

108. “Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.” — Henry Royce

109. To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.” — John Henry Newman

110. “I’m definitely on the pursuit of perfection…I will always be learning.” — Conor McGregor

111. “When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.” — George Fisher

112. “Perfection cannot be defined or seen; it can only be found in your heart.” — Kelly Millar

113. “Perfection is a road, not a destination. Every time I live, I get an education.” — Burk Hudson

114. “Fix your eyes on perfection and you make almost everything speed towards it.” — William Ellery Channing

115. “The perfecting of one’s self is the fundamental base of all progress and all moral development.” — Confucius

Perfection Quotes To Keep You Going

116. “Sensuality is not about perfection, it’s about inspiration and expression.” ― Lebo Grand

117. “Dont brag about being perfect..imperfections are what makes you attractive.” ― Sandra Chami Kassis

118. “Where utility ends and decoration begins is perfection.” ― Jack Gardner

119. “Love doesn’t demand perfection, but it does ask you to give yourself with less reserve than you’d prefer.” ― Thomas Moore

120. “There is no limit to how good you can get in pursuit of perfection.” ― Sachin Kumar Puli

121. “Perfection irritates as well as it attracts, in fiction as in life.” ― Louis Auchincloss

122. “Strive not for perfection..but for lives and loves that matter.” ― Debora Spar

123. “We must know when to move on. To search too long for perfection can also paralyse.” ― Peter Goldsworthy

124. “Stop hating on yourself for not being perfect. If God wanted perfection, He would have made you an angel.” ― Yasmin Mogahed

125. “To accomplish the perfect perfection, a little imperfection helps.” ― Dejan Stojanovic

Perfection Quotes on the Journey towards Excellence

126. “Perfection is a pursuit, not a guarantee.” ― Tim Fargo

127. “Perfection is a never-ending process of self-discovery and improvement.” ― Tony Robbins

128. Perfection is not a destination, it’s a journey towards excellence.” ― Robin Sharma

129. “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.” ― Brian Tracy

130. “Perfection is not a fixed state, but a process of growth and evolution.” ― Ken Blanchard

131. “Perfection is the enemy of creation.” ― Ernest Hemingway

132. “Perfection is just a word. The only real standard is excellence.” ― Jim Rohn

133. “Perfection is a measure of our own limitations, not a measure of reality.” ― Shunryu Suzuki

134. “Perfection is a myth. Embrace your imperfections, and use them to your advantage.” ― Arianna Huffington

135. Perfection is not just about control, it’s also about letting go.” ― Queen Latifah

136. “Perfection is good as long as we perfect the right things. ” ― Sukant Ratnakar

137. “Evolution converts today’s perfections into obsolescence tomorrow. ” ― Sukant Ratnakar,

138. “Accepted imperfection is better than pointless perfection.” ― Wisdom With Shubham

139. “If you can’t make it perfect, make it the best possible version within the coordinates of your abilities. ” ― Sukant Ratnakar

140. “Perfect is always on the other side no matter where you are standing.” ― Mohamadi Tapsoba

141. “To be better than the best, make perfection your addiction.” ― Vikrmn

142. “To live means to fight – the slave for freedom, and the free for perfection.” ― Yane Sandanski

143. “Which wills, that as the thing more perfect is, The more it feels of pleasure and of pain.” ― Dante Alighieri

144. “Perfection is not something the world has to offer.” ― T.M Cicinski

What are your favorite progress over perfection quotes to inspire you to work your hardest?

Perfection is an admirable goal, but the most important thing to remember is to always try your best.

These quest for perfection quotes will motivate you to always put forth your greatest effort.

At the end of the day, striving for perfection will help you achieve excellence.

Focusing on flaws will only bring you unhappiness and anxiety.

Once you accept that imperfection into your life, you will become successful and satisfied.

Is perfection possible to achieve?

This collection of perfection quotes will make you rethink your perspective on success and greatness.

The only way to reach your goals is to accept your limitations and set realistic expectations for yourself.

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What are your favorite excellence and perfection quotes that inspire you to chase your dreams?

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