50 Soup Quotes to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Since soup is a delicious and popular recipe, people love sharing soup quotes via social media platforms.

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During the chilling winter nights, nothing proves to be more comforting and warming than a bowl of soup. 

This is one of the most prominent reasons for the popularity of this timeless culinary creation.

As a recipe, soup has been transcended through various generations and cultures.

It not only offers the required nourishment but also tends to be delicious.

Besides, there is a wide variety of soups to meet the taste preferences of almost every individual.

The ability to experiment with the recipe makes it possible to blend different flavors and textures.

This is another reason for the popularity of the soup. 

Types of Soups

Here are different types of soups that you can try:

  • Stews
  • Clear Broths 
  • Cream-based Soups
  • Cold Soups
  • Vegetable Soups


Stews are one of the most popular forms of soups.

Unlike conventional soups, stews consist of large pieces of vegetables and meats.

In some stew recipes, people also add legumes to create tender bites and strong flavors.

A few of the global variations of stews include:

  • Beef stew
  • Goulash
  • Moroccan tagines 

Clear Broths 

This type of broth is simple yet offers extensive variation of tastes.

Usually, clear broths serve as a foundation for different soups.

It is made with simple ingredients like meat or vegetables. 

The ingredients are kept simmering at low heat for quite some time.

Cream-based Soups

These soups are popular for their velvety and rich texture.

The ingredients might include creamy tomato, potato, and mushrooms.

These soups are made with vegetables or meats. 

Milk or cream is added for flavor and enhanced consistency.

Cold Soups

Usually, soup is served warm or hot. 

However, there are certain soups that are served cold. 

For instance, Russian Okroshka, Spanish Gazpacho, and Hungarian are cold fruit soups.

These recipes serve as extremely refreshing delights during hot summer days.

Vegetable Soups

As the name suggests, this type of soup is made only with vegetables.

Minestrone is an example of a popular vegetable soup, which is made with pasta, vegetables, and tomatoes.

Vegetable soups offer enhanced flavors of the ingredients and also provide the required nourishment for vegetarians.

Top 10 Soup Quotes

Let’s check out the top soup quotes that are short yet mouthwatering. 

1. “I do not live off canned soup.” — Charles Best

2. “Every meal I want to start with soup.” — Boban Marjanovic

3. “I live on good soup, not on fine words.” — Moliere

4. “I really dislike soup, especially pumpkin soup.” — Simone Giertz

5. “The only thing chicken about Israel is their soup.” — Bob Hope

6. “If it were raining soup, the Irish would go out with forks.” Brendan Behan

7. “Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal.” — Ina Garten

8. “A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting.” Abraham Maslow

9. “I don’t always eat soup for dinner, but it’s surprisingly filling.” — Candace Cameron Bure

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10. “You cannot come to a Nigerian restaurant without having pepper soup.” — Ben Okri

Soup Quotes from Soup Lovers

Here are some heartwarming soup quotes from dedicated soup lovers, reflecting that soup touches not only taste buds but also emotions.

11. “I’m a big soup guy.” — Boban Marjanovic

12. “Even with my wife, I find sharing soup is hard.” — Wallace Shawn

13. “My good health is due to a soup made of white doves. It is simply wonderful as a tonic.” — Chiang Kai-shek

14. “I love fish soup. It’s a deeply satisfying dish. You can use almost any fish for this apart from the oily ones.” — Rick Stein

15. “I can’t eat at all when I get sad; all I want is soup and easy-to-swallow baby food and, of all things, jelly babies.” — Sophie Dahl

16. “Ever since I was little, I loved soup! Whether I was sick or had a bad day, my momma would always make me soup!” Rachel Hollis

17. “I like food that’s very simple on the digestive system – I tend to keep it light. I love Japanese food too – sushi, sashimi, and miso soup.” — Shilpa Shetty

18. “My favorite healthy foods are Jamaican chicken soup, Jamaican chicken stew peas, Jamaican brown stew chicken, plantains and banana chips.” — Sanya Richards-Ross

19. “I always order soup, dessert, and a sandwich or whatever the main course. But then the idea is you have to eat such a small portion of it and bring the rest home.” — Lisa Lampanelli

20. “I love soup ’cause I don’t like to cook. It’s so easy to prepare, and it fills you up and gives you all the nutrients you need. It’s a well-balanced meal, but you don’t have to do a lot of preparation.” — Carrie Ann Inaba

Soup Quotes On Soup Varieties 

Take a flavorful journey through soup quotes that highlight the endless variety of soups and the delightful surprises each spoonful holds.

21. “I lived on oatmeal soup and apples. Nourishing enough.” — Agnes Moorehead

22. “The smell of a perm is this special kind of Chernobyl-grave soup smell.” — Betty Gilpin

23. “My mom makes a great tortilla soup. I’ve never met anybody that didn’t like it.” — Auston Matthews

24. “I get a bit depressed if I walk into a restaurant and see shark-fin soup on the menu.” — Bindi Irwin

25. “Memories are like mulligatawny soup in a cheap restaurant. It is best not to stir them.” — P. G. Wodehouse

26. “That’s right, I do make good matza ball soup; I don’t use a mix; I make it from the actual chicken.” — Monica Horan

27. “On any given day, I want to know which restaurant near me is serving knoephla or chicken dumpling soup.” — Molly Yeh

28. “I especially like to make my own ginkgo soup, bean curd sheet soup, and red bean soup. This way, I can control the sugar portions.” — Alvin Leung

29. “I would be more slender if I didn’t eat a bit of chocolate or a cake now and again, but I’m not one of those crazy women who just eat watercress soup – I need to chomp.” — Zoe Ball

30. “I grew up and fell out of love with hunting, though I still appreciate the meats I grew up eating: braised rabbit, pheasant jambalaya, snapping turtle soup, and venison backstrap with eggs.” — Brad Leone

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Chicken Soup Quotes

In this compilation, we present a selection of chicken soup quotes that capture the essence of its nourishing qualities and its special place in our hearts.

31. “As for real chicken soup, I have it once or twice a week.” Jack Canfield

32. “My grandma’s chicken soup is amazing: so simple, so full of flavor, and so yummy.” — Tana Ramsay

33. “I eat the same foods almost every day. I have my favorites like Filipino beef broth, chicken soup with lots and lots of rice.” Manny Pacquiao

34. “Almost every culture has its own variation on chicken soup, and rightly so – it’s one of the most gratifying dishes on the face of the Earth.” — Yotam Ottolenghi

35. “With Zac Posen gowns, it’s like making an ornate pastry. Then, sometimes, it’s just great to have the perfect chicken soup or consomme. And that’s Brooks Brothers.” — Zac Posen

36. “I make really good chicken soup, sort of from scratch. I don’t make my own stock; I just use a base like chicken stock, but everything else, all the ingredients, I do on my own.” — Eric Dane

Additional Chicken Soup Quotes

Here are a few more chicken soup quotes.

37. “In terms of keeping kosher, I’ve basically just been vegetarian. I want to be fully vegetarian anyway, though sometimes my mom makes chicken soup, and I have to eat it. I just love it.” — Ezra Furman

38. “I always have parmigiano-reggiano, olive oil, and pasta at home. When people get sick, they want chicken soup; I want spaghetti with parmesan cheese, olive oil, and a bit of lemon zest. It makes me feel better every time.” — Isabella Rossellini

39. “The night of Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. I woke up that morning with a very, very bad case of laryngitis and couldn’t speak at all. I had no voice. And I was able, just by having chicken soup and barley and salt water, to have just enough for that one fight.” — Michael Buffer

40. “I’m always a big fan of a big pot of chicken soup. I like to make a big pot of that, and I keep it in my freezer, so when I come off the road, I just want to sit in my pajamas on my couch and catch up on the DVR and dig into a nice big bowl of chicken soup. It feeds my soul.” — Anne Burrell

Soup Quotes On its Making 

Read these quotes on the magic of making soup to immerse yourself in the creative process, love, and purpose behind the dish.

41. “Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.” Ludwig van Beethoven

42. “When you have a good stock, you can make a good soup.” — Martin Yan

43. “At home, I have big vats of cabbage soup that I make to slim down.” — Jilly Cooper

44. “I never feel more useful than when I’m making my kids a bowl of soup.” — Mary-Louise Parker

45. “An idealist is one who, on noticing that roses smell better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup.” H. L. Mencken

More Quotes about Making Soup

If you enjoy cooking, you’ll relate to these soup making quotes.

46. “I make an awesome soup with coconut milk and shrimp; it takes me five hours to prepare the whole thing. It does become very spicy, but you can definitely taste all the ingredients.” — Mads Mikkelsen

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47. “I make a lot of soups, and I love stews. My mother’s a big foodie. She went to culinary school in New Orleans and has an oyster-artichoke soup recipe that has no cream in it, but it tastes so creamy.” — Parker Posey

48. “Choose recipes like a base recipe; make a big pot of soup and freeze it. From then on, you can take it in any direction. Another day, put rice in it, or then put corn or sausages. From there, it’s endless.” — Lidia Bastianich

49. “I always think if you have to cook once, it should feed you twice. If you’re going to make a big chicken and vegetable soup for lunch on Monday, you stick it in the refrigerator, and it’s also for Wednesday’s dinner.” — Curtis Stone

50. “Soup is really easy to make: you can take basil, celery, acorn squash and boil them and then put them in the blender with sea salt. It’s delicious and only takes about 15 minutes. You can make it the night before. It’s kind of like making baby puree, and there are a ton of super easy recipes.” — Anna Kaiser

Which One of these Soup Quotes is your Favorite? 

Soup is a culinary adventure that you would love to explore.

Due to its diverse flavors, soup is a preferred dish around the globe.

This is why people love to share soup quotes. 

Our list of the top soup quotes can help you find your favorite soup quote.

You can share these quotes with your friends and family members.

If you have come across a soup quote that is your favorite, do share it with us.

For this purpose, you can use our comments section.

We would love to hear from you.

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