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Lying Quotes to Get Rid of this Bad Habit

Norbert Juma, Editor
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Lying quotes could serve as a motivation for us to stop lying.

If you are interested in reading and sharing quotes about lying, we have something to share with you.

Here, we have created a list of the best quotes.

This will make it easy for you to find suitable quotes to share via social media platforms.

Apart from our quotes section, you can also look at our tips to break your lying habit. 

So, let’s see what we got here.

Tips to Stop Lying

Believe it or not, certain people have told a lie once or twice in their lives. 

These truthful people only twist the truth to prevent hurting someone’s feelings.

On the contrary, certain people are in the habit of telling lies. 

Such people don’t even mind playing with the emotions of the people around them.

If you are one of them and want to break the habit of lying, just take a look at the tips below. 

  • Know what triggers you to tell a lie 
  • What types of lies do you tell
  • Stop lying gradually
  • Accept the truths of life

Know what triggers you to tell a lie

If you are a liar, you can stop it by simply analyzing the reason behind such behavior.

So, the next time you lie, pay attention to different aspects of the situation you are currently facing.

These include:

  • What is your location? 
  • Who is accompanying you?
  • What are you feeling at that particular time?
  • Whether you are lying to make someone else comfortable.

By finding the answers to these questions, you can pinpoint which emotions, circumstances, and factors force you to lie. 

By identifying these factors, you can think about finding ways to respond to such triggers without any need to lie.

What types of lies do you tell? 

To stop lying, you need to know the different types of lies. 

This allows you to understand what type of lies you tell. 

For instance, here are the most popular types of lies:

  • White lies
  • Gray lies
  • Exaggerations
  • Lies by omission 

Stop lying gradually 

Don’t try to stop lying abruptly, as it would cause some serious psychological disturbance.

It would be best to create a plan for this purpose and gradually break your lying habit. 

For instance, you can commit to telling fewer lies each day.

Accept the truth of life 

Every person’s life is different and there are certain truths that we shouldn’t hide.

People tell lies to prevent others from knowing the depressing truths about them.

This is the most common cause why people tell lies. 

To counter this issue, you need to accept the truths of your life, no matter how harsh they might appear. 

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Top 10 lying quotes

These are the best lying quotes to read and learn from.

1. “Advertising is legalized lying.” ― H. G. Wells

2. “Lying is the greatest of all sins.” ― Alfred Nobel

3. “Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. “Lying can never save us from another lie.” Vaclav Havel

5. “Lying, stealing, and cheating are commonplace.” ― Joseph B. Wirthlin

6. “The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.” ― John Ruskin

7. “Politeness is half good manners and half good lying.” ― Mary Wilson Little

8. “We tell lies, yet it is easy to show that lying is immoral.”Epictetus

9. “Acting is like lying. The art of lying well. I’m paid to tell elaborate lies.”Mel Gibson

10. “When lying, be emphatic and indignant, thus behaving like your children.”William Feather

Thought-provoking lying quotes

Following are the lying quotes that will make you think differently.

11. “There are some people so addicted to exaggeration that they can’t tell the truth without lying.” ― Josh Billings

12. “Anyone who has proclaimed violence his method inexorably must choose lying as his principle.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

13. “A good puzzle, it’s a fair thing. Nobody is lying. It’s very clear, and the problem depends just on you.” ― Erno Rubik

14. “There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write.”William Makepeace Thackeray

15. “If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.”Dale Carnegie 

16. “Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling.”Gilbert K. Chesterton

17. “Lying is a cooperative act. Think about it. A lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance. Its power emerges when someone else agrees to believe the lie.”Pamela Meyer

18. “To be fair, lying is part and parcel of public life. Every politician has lied about something because they are owned by the special interest groups that finance their elections.”Peter Schuyler

19. “I would like to tell the young men and women before me not to lose hope and courage. Success can only come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you.”C. V. Raman

20. “I think something will soon have to be done to protect people from hacking and blogging and lying and spreading rumors and chasing you down the street. Lives are wrecked that way.”Ali MacGraw

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Lying quotes full of wisdom

These lying quotes are the arrangement of wise words with deep messages.

21. “Lying is done with words and also with silence.”Adrienne Rich 

22. “Lying is like alcoholism. You are always recovering.”Steven Soderbergh

23. “There are two ways of lying. One, not telling the truth and the other, making up statistics.”Josefina Vazquez Mota 

24. “Political Freedom without economic equality is a pretense, a fraud, a lie; and the workers want no lying.”Mikhail Bakunin

25. “I’m a Utilitarian, so I don’t see the rule against lying as absolute; it’s always subject to some overriding utility which may prevent its exercise.”Peter Singer

26. “The prime goal of censorship is to promote ignorance, whether it is done via lying and bowdlerized school texts or by attacking individual books.”Felice Picano

27. “Lying has a kind of respect and reverence with it. We pay a person the compliment of acknowledging his superiority whenever we lie to him.”Samuel Butler

28. “I have always loved truth so passionately that I have often resorted to lying as a way of introducing it into the minds which were ignorant of its charms.”Giacomo Casanova

29. “Well, when I was younger, I lied all the time because once you understand the power of lying, it’s really like magic because you transform reality for people.”Louis C. K.

30. “Cunning leads to knavery. It is but a step from one to the other, and that is very slippery. Only lying makes the difference; add that to cunning, and it is knavery.”Ovid

Lying quotes that are impactful

The following lying quotes will surely leave a unique impact on you.

31. “As a writer of fiction, lying is the central thing to all books.”Jesse Ball

32. “Magic is an art form where you lie and tell people you are lying.”Teller

33. “Dying is one of the few things that can be done as easily lying down.”Woody Allen

34. “People can tell the truth much more freely when they’re apparently lying.”Eric Idle

35. “If you spend a lot of time lying to people, you think a lot about what the truth means.”Penn Jillette

36. “He who observes etiquette but objects to lying is like someone who dresses fashionably but wears no vest.”Walter Benjamin

37. “One of my weaknesses happens to be lying, and I could tell you that I’m never going to lie again in my life, but that would be a lie.”Jayson Blair

38. “Revolutionaries do not make revolutions. The revolutionaries are those who know when power is lying in the street and then they can pick it up.”Hannah Arendt

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39. “What bothers me the most are the Republicans and the Democrats: they act like little kids. They are lying to real people out here trying to get through life.”Charles Barkley

40. “I would feel so guilty about lying that I would try to stress myself out and work up a headache so I wouldn’t have the guilt of not having a bit of the symptom.”Justin Long

Some more lying quotes

Still not found what you were looking for. Here are some more lying quotes for you.                                     

41. “I do myself a greater injury in lying than I do him of whom I tell a lie.”Michel de Montaigne

42. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the money, but that’s not what motivates me.” Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

43. “I apologize for lying to you. I promise I won’t deceive you except in matters of this sort.” Spiro T. Agnew

44. “Lying increases the creative faculties, expands the ego, and lessens the frictions of social contacts.” Clare Boothe Luce

45. “Being married is different than not being married, and anybody who tells you that it’s the same is lying.”Scarlett Johansson

46. “Society can exist only on the basis that there is some amount of polished lying and that no one says exactly what he thinks.”Lin Yutang

47. “As I get older, the idea of wasting time is becoming more and more abhorrent to me and I can’t stand the idea of simply lying in bed.” Chris Tarrant

48. “I have aspirations to try and compete professionally. Any golfer that competes in tournaments would be lying if they said they didn’t.” Lucas Black

49. “The best crime novels are all based on people keeping secrets. All lying – you may think a lie is harmless, but you put them all together and there’s a calamity.”Alafair Burke

50. “Excellence, then, is a state concerned with choice, lying in a mean, relative to us, this being determined by reason and in the way in which the man of practical wisdom would determine it.”Aristotle

Which of these lying quotes is your favorite? 

Going through our extensive list of quotes, you might have gained the motivation you were looking for.

We have created this lying quotes collection to offer you a wide range of options.

So, you can read, enjoy, and share these quotes via social media.

If you have found your favorite quote, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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