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Robert Kiyosaki Quotes About Creating Massive Wealth

Our latest collection of Robert Kiyosaki Quotes on Everyday Power.

Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

Robert Kiyosaki has sold a huge amount of books and has made millions of dollars through intelligent investments. All his books are incredible. People report that his books are life-changing. It is not surprising that his books are still widely read today.

Kiyosaki was honorably discharged from the Marines. During his time in the Marines he was an officer. After he was discharged he became a salesman. He proceeded to start a business in the retailing industry. His first business was successful at first but later filed for bankruptcy.

Robert Kiyosaki started a new business that also filed for bankruptcy. He was forced to live in his car with his girlfriend for months. However, he didn’t give up hope.

After the failure of his businesses Kiyosaki decided to go into real estate. He was successful in the market due to his diligence and hard work. Kiyosaki started with small real estate investments and eventually developed a multimillion dollar real estate empire. Today he owns over 1400 houses.

Robert Kiyosaki compiled all of his experiences and financial wisedom into his best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book sold millions of copies and is widely regarded as one of the best financial books available.

The book covers how vital it is to have a good philosophy regarding money. The theme of the book is that rich parents instill better habits in their children than poor parents (putting poorer people at a disadvantage), but the habits of rich people can be learned and implemented.

In the book he discusses numerous strategies for becoming wealthy including real estate investing. He believes that anyone can become wealthy if they work hard and have the right mindset. Robert Kiyosaki quotes have helped millions of people improve their financial situation.

Notably, Kiyosaki does not invest in stocks. Instead he invests his money in companies and hedge funds. He emphasizes that you need to understand the market in order to become wealthy. That’s why all his books educate people about the financial climate.

One of his most notable and controversial ideas is that you should not invest in a 401K. He also states that board games such as monopoly can actually improve people’s ability to think about finance. Robert Kiyosaki knows what he’s talking about regarding finance because he’s a multimillionaire that came from nothing.

Robert has published multitudes of books including three number one bestsellers. He has made a huge impact on the world and is a man worthy of admiration. Reading his books can change your life. It’s not surprising that Robert Kiyosaki quotes are valued by many people throughout the world.

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Robert Kiyosaki Quotes

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Robert Kiyosaki Quotes about investing

1. “Often, in the real world, it’s not the smart that get ahead but the bold.” – Robert Kiyosaki

2. “Confidence comes from discipline and training.” – Robert Kiyosaki

3. “If you are the kind of person who is waiting for the ‘right’ thing to happen, you might wait for a long time. It’s like waiting for all the traffic lights to be green for five miles before starting the trip.” – Robert Kiyosaki

4. “I like Texas and Texans. In Texas, everything is bigger. When Texans win, they win big. And when they lose, it’s spectacular.
If you really want to learn the attitude of how to handle risk, losing and failure, go to San Antonio and visit the Alamo. The Alamo is a great story of brave people who chose to fight, knowing there was no hope of success against overwhelming odds. They chose to die instead of surrendering. It’s an inspiring story worthy of study; nonetheless, it’s still a tragic military defeat. They got their butts kicked. A failure if you will. They lost. So how do Texans handle failure? They still shout, “Remember the Alamo!”
That’s why I like Texans so much. They took a great failure and turned it into a tourist destination that makes them millions.
Texans don’t bury their failures. They get inspired by them. They take their failures and turn them into rallying cries. Failure inspires Texans to become winners. But that formula is not just the formula for Texans. It is formula for all winners.” – Robert Kiyosaki

5. “French fries kill more people than guns and sharks, yet nobody’s afraid of French fries.” – Robert Kiyosaki

6. “Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.” – Robert Kiyosaki

7. “Critics only make you stronger. You have to look at what they are saying as feedback. Sometimes the feedback helps, and other times, it’s just noise that can be a distraction.” – Robert Kiyosaki

8. “Finding good partners is the key to success in anything: in business, in marriage and, especially, in investing. – Robert Kiyosaki

9. “When times are bad is when the real entrepreneurs emerge.” – Robert Kiyosaki

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10. “A lot of people are afraid to tell the truth, to say no. That’s where toughness comes into play. Toughness is not being a bully. It’s having backbone. – Robert Kiyosaki

11. “If you’re going to be a winner in life, you have to constantly go beyond your best. – Robert Kiyosaki

12. “If you’re working for a good company and you’re happy there, and you’re being compensated accordingly, and your work satisfies you, you should stay there. – Robert Kiyosaki

13. “Demographics show that we are entering a battle between young and old. I call it the ‘Age War.’ The young want to hang onto their money to grow their families, businesses, and wealth. The old want the tax and investment dollars of the young to sustain their old age.” – Robert Kiyosaki

14. “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” – Robert Kiyosaki

15. “The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki

16. “Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.” – Robert Kiyosaki

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17. “Many novice real estate investors soon quit the profession and invest in a well-diversified portfolio of bonds. That’s because, when you invest in real estate, you often see a side of humanity that stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and saving money shelter you from.” – Robert Kiyosaki

18. “Jobs are a centuries-old concept created during the Industrial Revolution. Despite the reality that we’re now deep in the Information Age, many people are studying for, or working at, or clinging to the Industrial Age idea of a safe, secure job.” – Robert Kiyosaki

19. “The best way to predict the future is to study the past, or prognosticate.” – Robert Kiyosaki

20. “If you don’t like the idea that most of the money spent on lottery tickets supports government programs, you should know that most of the earnings from mutual funds support investment advisors’ and mutual fund managers’ retirement.” – Robert Kiyosaki

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21. “People who lie to themselves about investing are the same as overweight people who blame their genes for their obesity.” – Robert Kiyosaki

22. “If I have cash and I can’t figure a way to put it into real estate or my business, I hold it in gold and silver.” – Robert Kiyosaki

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23. “Quitting is the easiest thing to do.” – Robert Kiyosaki

24. “I mean, Hawaii is beautiful, but the world is full of beautiful places.” – Robert Kiyosaki

25. “To spend your life living in fear, never exploring your dreams is cruel. To work hard for money, thinking that it will buy you things that will make you happy is also cruel. To wake up in the middle of the night terrified about paying bills is a horrible way to live. To live a life dictated by the size of a paycheck is not really living a life. Thinking that a job makes you secure is lying to yourself. That’s cruel, and that’s a trap I want you to avoid…” — rich dad poor dad” – Robert Kiyosaki

26. “Rule #1: You must know the difference between an asset and a liability, and buy assets. If you want to be rich, this is all you need to know. It is rule number one. It is the only rule. This may sound absurdly simple, but most people have no idea how profound this rule is. Most people struggle financially because they do not know the difference between an asset and a liability. “Rich people acquire assets. The poor and middle class acquire liabilities that they think are assets, “ said rich dad.” – Robert Kiyosaki

27. “If you want to thrive in today’s economy, you must challenge the status quo and get the financial education necessary to succeed.” – Robert Kiyosaki

28. “I want you to always think of Mrs. Martin. And I want you always to remember that donkey. Never forget that fear and desire can lead you into life’s biggest trap if you’re not aware of them controlling your thinking. To spend your life living in fear, never exploring your dreams, is cruel.

To work hard for money, thinking that it will buy you things that will make you happy is also cruel. To wake up in the middle of the night terrified about paying bills is a horrible way to live. To live a life dictated by the size of a paycheck is not really living a life. Thinking that a job makes you secure is lying to yourself. That’s cruel, and that’s the trap I want you to avoid. I’ve seen how money runs people’s lives. Don’t let that happen to you. Please don’t let money run your life.” – Robert Kiyosaki

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