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New York Quotes That Are Simply Unforgettable

Norbert Juma, Editor
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If you are interested in reading quotes about New York, this is the right place for you.

Take a look at some of the best New York quotes below.

Apart from reading and enjoying the quotes, you will find some interesting facts about New York in the section below.

So, let’s start!

Interesting Facts about New York 

Although New York is a small city, it offers you the most popular historic and amazing places you can’t find elsewhere. 

Here are a few of the most noteworthy fun facts about New York:

  • The original name of New York was New Amsterdam
  • The first pizzeria opened in the USA was in New York 
  • New York is a multi-linguistic city 
  • Honking horn is against the law in New York

The original name of New York was New Amsterdam

This sounds weird, but it’s true. New York was previously known as New Amsterdam. 

This is due to the Dutch settlers who came to this place first in 1624. 

However, when Britain took over this city, they renamed it New York to honor the Duke of York.

The first pizzeria opened in the USA was in New York 

This is an interesting fact for all the pizza lovers living in New York, as this is where USA’s first pizzeria was opened. 

It was in 1905 when Lombardi’s Pizza was opened on 32 Spring Street.

This brand is still quite popular among New Yorkers.

There are over 1,600 pizzerias currently serving in the city. 

New York is a multi-linguistic city 

New York is a multi-linguistic city where citizens speak over 800 languages collectively.

This is because New York is the US city with the biggest population. 

Out of 38 people in the US, 1 is a New Yorker.

In addition, over half of New Yorkers speak more than one language. 

Honking horn is against the law in New York 

This is the most unusual fun fact about New York. 

New Yorkers are not permitted to honk their horns unless there is an emergency.

However, things are somewhat different in practical scenarios. 

Cab drivers do honk in areas where there is no threat of being fined. 

If someone breaks this law, NYPD can issue a fine of up to $350.

Top 10 New York quotes

Check out the top 10 best New York quotes by well-known personalities.

1. “I run New York City”Conor McGregor

2. “I love New York City; I’ve got a gun.” ― Charles Barkley

3. “The name Joe Shapiro is not uncommon in New York City.” ― Mary L. Trump

4. “I was born and raised in New York City, Manhattan, uptown.” ― Ana Ortiz

5. “I’m trying to change the culture in New York City; that’s hard enough” Michael Bloomberg

6. “Since moving to New York City, I’ve become such an indoor slippers girl.” ― Tayshia Adams

7. “And the most unusual and surrealistic place in New York City is Central Park.” ― Christo

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8. “My favorite bar in New York City is called Milk and Honey, a great cocktail bar.” ― Chris Thile

9. “Shortly after college, I was working in New York City at ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.” ― Lisa Lampanelli

10. “New York City is a great monument to the power of money and greed… a race for rent.” Frank Lloyd Wright

New York quotes that are Insta-worthy

These New york quotes are attention-grabbing, making them perfect to share on social media platforms like Instagram.

11. “It is ridiculous to set a detective story in New York City. New York City is itself a detective story.” Agatha Christie 

12. “If you’re a suburban kid, and you’re 30 minutes from New York City, that’s the luckiest thing in the world.” Adam Pally

13. “I live in Greenwich Village in New York City, but I rarely write at home, where there’s too much else to do.” Chris Pavone

14. “New York City is the center of the world. There is an energy here. People from all over the world feel at home here.” Salt Bae

15. “As New York City kids, you lived fast and partied hard as teenagers – experiences that informed your design aesthetic.” ― Julia Fox

16. “When I was a teenager, if you’d asked me, I would have said I was in a relationship with New York City. It was my first real love.” ― Aleksa Palladino

17. “One of the things I love about ‘Rubicon’ is I really recognize the New York City that they’re depicting in it, having lived here for 15 years.” ― Annie Parisse

18. “The life of a dancer is tragically short. What is remarkable about the New York City Ballet is that it makes us forget that. Because it keeps the ballet alive.” John Guare

19. “It is no secret that New York City has an affordable housing shortage. For those who’ve returned from the battlefield, the problem is even more pronounced.” Letitia James

20. “I grew up in New York City – I grew up surrounded by every sound that you imagine can come from a New Yorker. All of the different boroughs and all of the different sounds.” Maggie Wheeler

New York quotes with an energetic vibe

The following New York quotes are filled with energetic and good vibes.

21. “I felt very patriotic playing a New York City cop.” Cobie Smulders

22. “There’s only one Broadway and that’s in New York City.” Christopher Jackson 

23. “I’m a straight shooter, a New York City girl. I see things as they are and call them as they are.” Elisabeth Rohm

24. “From the top of the quarry cliffs, one could see the New Jersey suburbs bordered by the New York City skyline.” Robert Smithson

25. “My regular game in New York City was a $250,000 buy-in, no limit. So people were burning through that, a lot of times in the first 30 minutes.” Molly Bloom

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26. “I love New York City because there’s something to do 24/7, something that will make you see things in a whole different light. Like they say, it’s the city that never sleeps.” Dianne Reeves 

27. “My advice: Don’t quit. When I got to New York City, I lived so far below the poverty line because I didn’t give in and get a job at 7-Eleven. I think you can thrive in misery.” Rob Zombie

28. “I grew up in the ’50s, in New York City, where television was born. There were 90 live shows every week, and they used a lot of kids. There were schools just for these kids. There was a whole world that doesn’t exist anymore.” Christopher Walken

29. “The last Company Flow reunion show in New York City was pretty insane. Everybody knew all the words to every song; everybody had smiles on their faces. Those shows are what you hope for every time you get on the stage.” El-P

30. “New York City must divest the hundreds of millions of dollars we have invested in Walmart for far too long, dollars that are only fueling violence and undermining the greater public interest. Once our nation’s largest city does so, I know other states and municipalities will follow suit.” Letitia James

New York quotes that are nostalgic

The New york quotes below are nostalgic and inspired by the past.

31. “I was a bouncer for ten years in New York City.” Vin Diesel

32. “In New York City nightlife in the 90s, everything was camp” Amanda Lepore

33. “After Spelling Bee, I started landing more jobs… I got Candide at New York City Opera.” Lauren Worsham

34. “I may be a lifelong downtowner, but Central Park really is the most amazing and the most beautiful part of New York City.” Moby

35. “Introduced to this world in Llandyssul, Cardiganshire, Wales, November 14, 1843, I celebrated my first anniversary by landing at Castle Garden, in New York City.” Jenkin Lloyd Jones

36. “I grew up in New York City. In elementary school, I was a charter member of the Scribble Scrabble Club, and in high school, my poems were published in an anthology of student poetry.” Gail Carson Levine

37. “25th Hour, like a lot of my films, takes place in New York City. I’ve been very fortunate to make films in the city where I live. I mean, it’s great going home at night instead of being on location.” Spike Lee

38. “I sat in at every club in New York City, jamming with musicians, because it felt right – and because it felt right and we were having fun – the people dancing and sipping their drinks in the clubs felt it too and it made them smile.” Ray Conniff

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39. “I was living in New York City and flat broke. My next-door neighbor was an actor and he always seemed to be having more fun than I was. He convinced me to give acting a shot, but because of my shyness, I was sure it would be a lost cause.” Joe Flanigan

40. “I grew up in New York City in the ’80s, and it was the epicenter of hip-hop. There was no Internet. Cable television wasn’t as broad. I would listen to the radio, hear cars pass by playing a song, or tape songs off of the radio. At that time, there was such excitement around hip-hop music.” Michael Rapaport

More New York quotes

Here are some more New York quotes for you to enjoy.        

41. “I just would like to spend more time in New York City.” Scott Speedman

42. “The people really are what make New York City great.” David Dinkins

43. “Kids aren’t going to understand single life in New York City.” Melissa Joan Hart

44. “I stayed in New York City for the first time; I’d always wanted to do that.” Amy Sedaris

45. “Does the New York City Ballet affect other places? Yeah, it lets people know they should come to New York.” John Guare

46. “With the spirit of my administration, New York City is poised for dramatic change. The era of fear has had a long enough reign.” Rudy Giuliani

47. “I love New York City. Everyone is busy with their own lives – and no one is interested in some Hollywood celebrity walking past in downtown Manhattan.” James Van Der Beek

48. “I took a plane from New York City to Los Angeles for an audition. I met all the people. After that, I was told to have another audition, but I didn’t want to go there again.” Ed O’Neill

49. “I make 98% of my collection in New York City and am generating jobs, so fashion isn’t just frivolous for me. I understand the levity of it. I also understand the depth of it.” Prabal Gurung

50. “I like being from a city that is not entrenched in show business. When you’re in New York City or Los Angeles, even if you’re not dealing with show business, there’s still this sense that it’s the center of the universe.” Ed Helms 

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