50 Go-Getter Quotes For Maximizing Your Potential

We all need reminders of what we can become, and these go-getter quotes are the perfect motivation to keep you on track. 

What is a go-getter?

A go-getter is motivated to seek opportunities and make the most out of their conditions. 

Here are some qualities that go-getters possess:

  • Driven
  • Positive 
  • Enthusiastic
  • Confident

Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, once said: “After climbing a great hill, one finds that there are many more hills to climb.”

Go-getters are continuously evolving. 

They are people who reach their goals and then immediately aspire to complete a new goal. 

We are all human beings, and everyone has finite energy. 

Go-getters are not always one hundred percent motivated. 

They deal with setbacks, challenges, and failures like the rest. 

What sets go-getters apart is their drive to get back up and adjust to fulfill their dream. 

Everyone has a unique way of expressing their go-getter attitude. 

Regardless of how their go-getting manifests, go-getters must set clear goals for themselves, use affirmations, embrace mistakes and keep an open mind. 

Giving up is easy, but maintaining our vision to complete a goal can be challenging. 

In the end, challenging activities make us feel fantastic. 

Our pride swells when we commit to something and complete it with full integrity is unmatchable. 

Go-getting starts on the inside

It is common for people to see the results of hard work and focus on the outcome. 

Yet, amazing feats or accomplishments rarely occur without failure and setbacks.

Go-getters keep this idea in mind as they find new reasons to keep going. 

If you are a go-getter or want to become a go-getter, check out our go-getter quotes below for more inspiration. 

Short go-getter quotes

Here are some fast go-getter quotes for quick motivation. 

1. “Fail often so you can succeed sooner.” — Tom Kelley

2. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Vince Lombardi

3. “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” — Chris Grosser

4. “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Thomas Edison

5. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney 

6. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

7. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas Edison

8. “If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.” — B. C. Forbes

9. “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Steve Jobs

10. “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” — Colin R. Davis

Go-getter quotes to inspire success

Here we have some go-getter quotes from some of the world’s most successful people. 

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11. “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” John D. Rockefeller

12. “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” Thomas Jefferson

13. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

14. “Have the end in mind, and every day make sure you’re working towards it.” — Ryan Allis

15. “If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn

16. “There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way.” — Christopher Morley

17. “I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” Jeff Bezos

18. “We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.” — William Glasser

19. “Human progress has always been driven by a sense of adventure and unconventional thinking.” — Andre Geim

Motivational go-getter quotes

Let these go-getter quotes inspire you to make your goal a reality. 

20. “Another nail drives a nail out. Habit is overcome by habit.” — Desiderius Erasmus

21. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” — Robert Collier

22. “When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue.” — Josh James

23. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”  Colin Powell

24. “With consistency and reps and routine, you’re going to achieve your goals and get where you want to be.” — Mandy Rose

25. “I wake up every morning feeling lucky – which is driven by fear, no doubt, since I know it could all go away.” — Natasha Richardson

26. “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” Dwayne Johnson

27. “When I’m old and dying, I plan to look back on my life and say ‘wow, that was an adventure,’ not ‘wow, I sure felt safe.’” — Tom Preston-Werner

28. “When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated but have consistency in their motivation.” — Arsene Wenger

29. “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream, and how you handle disappointment along the way.” Robert Kiyosaki

Powerful go-getter quotes and sayings

Enthusiasm is the key to becoming a go-getter. 

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30. “Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous impatience.” — Hyman Rickover

31. “In the realm of ideas, everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world, all rests on perseverance.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

32. “Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it, the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.” Arianna Huffington

33. “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” — Mary Kay Ash

34. “Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself.” Oprah Winfrey

35. “My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had — every day, I’m learning something new.” Richard Branson

36. “Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.” — Charles F. Kettering

37. “Today is the life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.” Dale Carnegie

38. “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

39. “Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really: Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all. You can be discouraged by failure, or you can learn from it, so go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember, that’s where you will find success.” — Thomas J. Watson

40. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” — Steve Jobs 

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Inspirational go-getter quotes

Get your inspirational juices flowing with these go-getter quotes. 

41. “Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” Wayne Dyer

42. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Jack Canfield

43. “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”John Wooden

44. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Les Brown

45. “If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.” Zig Ziglar

46. “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do” — Bill Phillips 

47. “If everything seems under control, then you’re just not going fast enough.” — Mario Andretti

48. “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

49. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullsh*t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” — Jordan Belfort

50. “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” Swami Vivekananda

There is a go-getter inside everyone

Some of us are natural go-getters who maximize the full potential of every single day.

Other people may require a little more effort to tap into their abilities as a go-getter.

We all have a go-getter inside of us just waiting to bust out. 

Knowing what you want out of life and what you are passionate about is essential to being a go-getter.

Intrinsic motivation starts with us. 

Sometimes we just have to get excited about being excited. 

Our excitement is what can lead us to our joy. 

Following our passion with zero percent expectation on how things may manifest keeps us in a state of gratitude and motivation. 

Fear can keep us in a box and make us afraid to take risks. 

However, risk-taking is vital to making new discoveries. 

We will not experience new growth if we remain stagnant with what is safe or known. 

The unknown is where our imaginations have the room to create new realities. 

Hold on to your dreams as a go-getter, and keep going. 

Please, be sure to tell us your favorite go-getter quotes and sayings in the comments below.

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