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Ungrateful Quotes to Help You Be More Grateful

These ungrateful quotes will help you be more grateful and have a better outlook on life.

Let the words below inspire you to reflect and be grateful for the things you have.

In context, giving without expecting anything in return is a noble way of life and should be strived by anybody for the greater good.

However, living without expectation from others and being ungrateful is a lot different.

Ingratitude is toxic behavior that sucks the life out of everyone around.

Ungrateful people will never express appreciation no matter how big of a help you’ve been.

Ungratefulness is a manifestation of ego.

It is a proclamation of power over others, denying people their basic human need for simple appreciation.

These ungrateful quotes will give you a different perspective on life.

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Ungrateful people quotes for reflection

1. “The wicked are always ungrateful.” – Miguel de Cervantes

2. “The greatest kindness will not bind the ungrateful.” – Aesop

3. “In every class of society, gratitude is the rarest of all human virtues.” ― Wilkie Collins

4. “I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.” – Zig Ziglar

5. “A grateful dog is better than an ungrateful man.” ― Saadi

6. “He that’s ungrateful has no guilt but one; All other crimes may pass for virtues in him.” – Edward Young

7. “He that calls a man ungrateful sums up all the veil that a man can be guilty of.” – Jonathan Swift

8. “But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.” – Anne Frank

9. “One ungrateful person does an injury to all needy people.” – Publilius Syrus

10. “A complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart.” – William Arthur Ward

Ungrateful quotes about relationship

11. “What you do for an ungrateful man is thrown away.” ― Seneca The Younger

12. “You cannot, at the very same time, be grateful and unhappy, or ungrateful and happy.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

13. “When we become negative and ungrateful, it is important to remember… We have met the enemy; and he is us.” ― Walt Kelly

Ungrateful quotes and regrets

14. “But the forgetful person can never become grateful, the benefit received is totally lost to him.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

15. “Ungrateful are they who wish their life away. Ungrateful are they who turn their backs on others.” –Karalayne Maglinte

16. “An ungrateful attitude is something most of us are unaware that we have, but everyone else sees.” –Dr. Louis Ngomo Okitembo

17. “Every greed is the root of ungratefulness.” – Laila Gifty Akita

18. “If you’ve got a billion dollars and you’re ungrateful, you’re a poor man. If you have very little but you’re grateful for what you have, you’re truly rich.” – Tony Robbins

19. “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” – William Shakespeare

20. “Most people return small favors, acknowledge medium ones and replay greater ones – with ingratitude” – Benjamin Franklin

21. “Friendship is the medicine for all misfortune; but ingratitude dries up the fountain of all goodness.” –Cardinal Richelieu

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Ungrateful friends quotes to remember

22. “He that forgets his friend is ungrateful to him; but he that forgets his Savior is unmerciful to himself.” – John Bunyan

23. “Never let ungrateful remarks prevent you from doing what you feel is right and good. Let God be your judge.” – Terry Mark

24. “Ungrateful people breed negativity. No one gets any pleasure from giving to an ungrateful person. When you show appreciation, the object of your attention blossoms and flourishes.” – Paul McCabe

25. “Some natures are so sour and ungrateful that they are never to be obliged.” – Roger L’Estrange

26. “The saddest of all hearts is one without gratitude.” – Tom Krause

27. “Sadness is so ungrateful.” – Han Suyin

28. “Flints may be melted— we see it daily— but an ungrateful heart cannot be; not by the strongest and noblest flame.” – South

29. “A man’s indebtedness is not his virtue, his repayment is. Virtue begins when he dedicates himself actively to the job of gratitude.” – Ruth Benedict

30. “Unhappiness is a contagious disease caused by a chronic deficiency of gratitude.” – Mokokoma Mokhonaoana

31. “Ungratefulness is worse than cancer; it eats away at your soul; blinding your heart and eyes to the beauty and miracles that are all around us each day in our lives.” – Geraldine Vermaak

Ungrateful quotes and unappreciative sayings to keep close to your heart

32. “Never be ungrateful.” ― Lil Peep

33. “Hell is full of the ungrateful.” ― Spanish Proverb

34. “Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.” ― Immanuel Kant

35. “You can be anything in this world, just don’t be ungrateful.” – Proverb

36. “Ungrateful people forget what they are not grateful for.” ― Ana Monnar

37. “Earth produces nothing worse than an ungrateful man.” ― Decimius Magnus Ausonius

38. “We do not quite forgive a giver. The hand that feeds us is in some danger of being bitten.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

39. “There is no such thing as gratitude unexpressed. If it is unexpressed, it is plain, old-fashioned ingratitude. – Robert Breault

Ungrateful quotes to contemplate on

40. “Ingratitude is always a kind of weakness. I have never known men of ability to be ungrateful.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

41. “Making the ungrateful grateful will bring tears to your eyes, tears of blood bleeding from the heart.” ― Ana Monnar

42. “We ought to be thankful not only for what we have but also for what we do not have.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

43. “People don’t notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them.” ― Mike Skinner

44. “The more I understand the mind and the human experience, the more I begin to suspect there is no such thing as unhappiness; there is only ungratefulness.” ― Steve Maraboli

45. “God protect me from the lazy, selfish and ungrateful.” ― Habeeb Akande

46. “Never ever seek for gratefulness from mankind, you shall always see ungratefulness. Do what you must do as a solemn duty and that is what you have to do!” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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47. “Sometimes our wants or needs have nothing to do with being ungrateful and everything to do with making a mistake.” ― Shannon L. Alder

48. “It’s normal for us to become unhappy for a while due to how circumstances in life treat us, but it is ungodly for us to be ungrateful for these circumstances that make us unhappy!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

49. “A grateful person is rich in contentment. An ungrateful person suffers in the poverty of endless discontentment.” – David A. Bednar

Ungrateful quotes to help you become more thankful

50. “Do not be angry with an ungrateful person; probably they are confused or inexperienced.” ― Chico Xavier

51. “No self-centered person, no ungrateful soul can ever be happy, much less make anyone else happy. Life is giving, not getting.” ― Joseph Fort Newton

52. “It is impossible to bring more abundance into your life if you are feeling ungrateful about what you already have. Why? Because the thoughts and feelings you emit as you feel ungrateful are negative emotions and they will attract more of those feelings and events into your life.” ― Vishen Lakhiani

53. “You’ll never meet a happy ungrateful person, or an unhappy grateful person because gratitude and happiness go together. ” ― Zig Ziglar

54. “All happy people are grateful. Ungrateful people cannot be happy. We tend to think that being unhappy leads people to complain, but it’s truer to say that complaining leads to people becoming unhappy.” ― Dennis Prager

55. “When you meet an ungrateful person, be great. The moment you become great, you will become fulfilled. There is no other secret. Nothing else will give you fulfillment.”
Harbhajan Singh Yogi

56. “I’ve been very blessed in my personal life and in my career and I have never been ungrateful for what I have.” ― Mandy Patinkin

57. “It is another’s fault if he be ungrateful, but it is mine if I do not give. To find one thankful man, I will oblige a great many that are not so.” ― Seneca the Younger

58. “As you get older and wiser you realize that when people are given anything without having to earn it (unless they are physically or mentally utterly incapable of earning anything), they become ungrateful and lazy. They also become less happy.” ― Dennis Prager

59. “To be ungrateful is to be unnatural. The head may be thus guilty, not the heart.” ― Antoine Rivarol

60. “Ungrateful person and complainer will not be blessed.” – Unknown

61. “If you help the same person too many times. They’ll start believing that you are obliged to help them and become ungrateful.” – Unknown

62. “Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. You have to figure out who’s worth your kindness and who’s just taking advantage.” – Unknown

63. “The worst person to be around is someone who complains about everything and appreciates nothing.” – Unknown

64. “People don’t remember the million times you’ve helped them, only the one time you don’t.” – Unknown

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65. “Why are you doing the most for people who are doing the least for you?” – Unknown

66. “If you don’t start appreciating what’s right in front of you, you might lose it.” – Unknown

67. “Ungrateful people complain about the one thing you haven’t done for them instead of being thankful for the thousands of things you have done for them. Don’t invest your time into people who think it’s your obligation to cure their ills.” – Unknown

68. “Sometimes, people don’t notice the things we do for them, until we stop doing it.” – Unknown

69. “Never help an ungrateful person get on the feet. It’s like telling a wolf that you’re a sheep.” – Unknown

70. “I hate ungrateful people. You can try your best to make someone happy and it still ain’t enough.” –Unknown

Ungrateful Quotes For Thought

71. “A favor is to a grateful man delightful always; to an ungrateful man only once.” ― Seneca the Younger

72. “There’s nothing you can say that won’t make you seem ungrateful or rude.” ― Steven Petrow

73. “You are sad in the midst of every blessing. Take care that Fortune does not observe–or she will call you ungrateful.” ― Martial

74. “Would it be possible to find a more ungrateful boy, or one with less heart than I have!” ― Carlo Collodi

75. “How many times has He delivered me! Yet, alas! How distrustful and ungrateful is my heart even until the present!” ― John Newton

76. “People think that I’m really untouchable, and that’s also translated into a lot of people thinking that I’m super-ungrateful.” ― Kristen Stewart

77. “I am all right when I work. I am not superficial and I am not ungrateful.” ― Brigitte Bardot

78. “My muse is an ungrateful harlot who’s abandoned me to actually come up with my own plots.” ― Richelle Mead

79. “Republics, like individuals, who are benefited by personal sacrifices, are proverbially ungrateful.” ― Epes Sargent

80. “Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain subjective, negative, ungrateful way.” ― Edward de Bono

What did you learn from these ungrateful quotes?

Being aware of people’s efforts towards us can be hard to see.

We may be preoccupied with our busy lives and modern demands, but it is essential not to be blinded by these temporary things.

Being grateful and feeling appreciated is a vital component of our humanity.

We humans share and give genuine affection towards each other to survive and let others know our intention and care for them even in the smallest gesture.

When we become ungrateful, we are throwing away part of ourselves.

We are simply becoming further from who we are and what makes us humans.

Being ungrateful breeds greed and fills our minds with selfish thoughts.

Challenge yourself to be grateful every day and live life happily as you shine a light on others.

Hopefully, these ungrateful quotes and sayings will remind us to be grateful at all times.

Stephanie Kirby
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