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Sadhguru Quotes to Bring You Peace

Our collection of Sadhguru quotes will overflow your life with wisdom, peace, and an enlightening perspective on the world around you. Born Jaggi Vasudev, Sadhguru is an Indian yogi, mystic, and best-selling author.

What do you know about Sadhguru?

He is most well-known for his book Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy, which is a The New York Times Best Seller. The book details the author’s spiritual journey and delivers many different ways for the reader to seek their own spiritual growth. Sadhguru currently travels the world to deliver motivational speeches, host yoga classes, and teach meditation.

Below, we have curated some of Sadguru’s most influential quotes about happiness, relationships, work, and more. And for even more inspiration, be sure to also check out our compilation of spiritual quotes about inner peace and love.

Sadhguru quotes on relationships

1. “How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.” – Sadhguru

2. “Once you are clear about what you are doing and why, other people’s opinions will not matter.” – Sadhguru

3. “The way people are living today, I would say, never do unto others what you do unto yourself.” – Sadhguru

4. “Don’t hold back your love, your joy, and your exuberance. Only what you give becomes your quality, not what you hold back.” – Sadhguru

5. “Even if I am with a million people, I am always alone. I do not see people as people. I see them as myself.” – Sadhguru

6. “Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Any moment, it can flip the other way. One can become the other.” – Sadhguru

7. “If you are alone and getting bored then you are obviously in bad company.” – Sadhguru

8. “It does not take much for a human being to live well. Only when you are trying to imitate someone else, it takes a lot.” – Sadhguru

9. “Many people shy away from reality by gossiping.” – Sadhguru

Sadhguru quotes on happiness

10. “Love is your quality. Love is not what you do. Love is what you are.” – Sadhguru

11. “If you are very happy, you will do many more things than if you are unhappy.” – Sadhguru

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12. “You can feel what you want to feel within yourself. It is very easy.” – Sadguru

13. “Unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you.” – Sadhguru

14. “When you are all-inclusive, your experience of your existence becomes beautiful, and that is why you are joyful.” – Sadhguru

15. “Unless you begin to see the hollowness of where you are right now, you will not begin to seek something else strongly.” – Sadhguru

16. “Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into whatever we do.” – Sadhguru

17. “Every human being is capable of living absolutely blissfully within himself.” – Sadhguru

18. “If all your energies are focused in one direction, enlightenment is not far away. After all, what you are seeking is already within you.” – Sadhguru

19. “If you want to know whether you are moving forward in life, just see if you are a little more joyful today than you were yesterday.” – Sadhguru

20. “The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion that you create changes the very chemistry of your body.” – Sadhguru

21. “Whatever is your highest, you just contemplate upon that. Your inner and outer purity will happen naturally.” – Sadhguru

22. “There is too much talk about divine love, divine bliss, and divine peace. Love, bliss, and peace are all human qualities. Why export them to heaven?” – Sadhguru

23. “Whatever happens to you, you can either see it as a curse and suffer it, or you can see it as a blessing and make use of it.” – Sadhguru

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Sadhguru quotes on work

24. “Life is a process, not a problem. The question is only, have you prepared yourself for the process or not.” – Sadhguru

25. “Learning to listen is the essence of intelligent living.” – Sadhguru

26. “Learning is not about earning, but a way of flowering.” – Sadhguru

27. “We always work according to the circumstances.” – Sadhguru

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28. “People who have failed in their lives, they are suffering their failure. People who have succeeded in their life, they are suffering their success.” – Sadhguru

29. “Money is definitely needed, but how much money do we really need? If we would change our idea of a successful life to a joyful life, we would find our need for money would dramatically decrease.” – Sadhguru

30. “If you tell yourself you don’t want to think a certain thought, that is precisely the first thing your mind will produce! That is the nature of the human mind.” – Sadhguru

31. “If you are intelligent, the more deeply you look at life, the more you will fall into illusion. And this is a good thing.” – Sadhguru

32. “It is not the amount of action but the depth of experience that makes life rich and fulfilling.” – Sadhguru

33. “You need to know when to use logic and when not. All the beautiful things in life look stupid if you logically analyze them.” –  Sadhguru

34. “No work is stressful. It is your inability to manage your body, mind, and emotions that make it stressful.” – Sadhguru

35. “You do not have to pursue something intensely; you as a being should become very intense.” – Sadhguru

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Sadhguru quotes on society

36. “Nothing has ever been out of place in this existence. Things have been out of place in human societies.” – Sadhguru

37. “Your soul can never be confused, your mind is confused.” – Sadhguru

38. “You cannot live here without trusting existence. If you trust consciously, lovingly, that’s devotion.” – Sadhguru

39. “Do not talk about the soul, heaven, or God. Talking about something that is not yet a reality for you amounts to falsehood.” – Sadhguru

40. “Without being in constant exchange with the rest of the cosmos, you cannot exist. The idea of individuality is an illusion.” – Sadhguru

41. “It is time we choose quality over quantity in our lives, in every sense. Only then we can save the planet.” – Sadhguru

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42. “Do not do what you like – do what the world needs. Doing what you like is not freedom. Likes and dislikes are compulsive.” – Sadhguru

43. “The most precious thing in life is life itself. Are you getting it now or only on your deathbed?.” – Sadhguru

44. “Life is just a certain amount of time and energy. Putting this time and energy to maximum use for everyone’s well being is all that matters.” – Sadhguru

Other quotes by Sadhguru to inspire and teach

45. “Nothing in life is a problem – everything is a possibility.” – Sadhguru

46. “If human beings were experiencing life beyond the physical, violence would go down dramatically.” – Sadhguru

47. “A human is not a being, he is a becoming, he is an ongoing process, nothing is fixed. You can be whichever way you want to be.” – Sadhguru

48. “Only if the younger generation does things that the parents never imagined possible, can a society evolve?” – Sadhguru

49. “Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.” – Sadhguru

50. “Being together is the beginning. Working together in the middle. Dissolving together is the ultimate. My idea of “together” is seven billion people.” – Sadhguru

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What brings you peace?

Sadhguru strives to help guide others through their personal and spiritual journey by sharing his unique perspective on life. The yogi offers a compassionate, worldly view that has influenced millions of people around the globe to think differently.

Many people see the experiences within their own lives as black and white, right and wrong. Sadhguru introduces the reader to a grey area and helps them find comfort in the fact that our universe is a complex place. Accepting the complexities and uncertainties of the universe can be the first step to finding peace within oneself.

What’s your favorite Sadhguru quote listed above? Have these wise Sadhguru quotes started a conversation between you and a friend or family member? Let us know your thoughts down below. 

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