64 Best Comeback Quotes & Captions To Help You Bounce Back (2020)
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64 Comeback Quotes To Help You Bounce Back

Norbert Juma, Lead Editor
Published on August 14, 2020 6:20 AM EST
Comeback Quotes To Help You Bounce Back

The comeback quotes listed below will inspire you to turn your setback into a remarkable success story.

Everybody loves a good comeback story, whether it’s their own or someone else’s. When you experience bad turn of luck or somehow fall short of your goals, it’s incredibly satisfying to make a comeback and triumph in the end. We all love seeing the underdog come out on top.

Comeback Quotes To Help You Bounce Back

Besides your professional life or athletic development, where else can you make a great comeback?

It’s a sweet victory when you can deliver the perfect witty comeback to someone else’s snarky comment. Having that sharp retort or clever quip at hand is tricky, and it always seems to occur to us long after the right time to use it.

Whether you need a quick answer for a cutting comment, or you’re seeking motivation after a setback, the comeback quotes and sayings below will help you prepare to make an inspiring comeback.

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Comeback quotes to motivate you after a setback

1. “To have a comeback, you have to have a setback.” – Mr. T

2. “To admit you want to have a comeback means you have to admit you weren’t what you were supposed to be. You dropped below your own standard.” – Marilyn Manson

3. “There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time.” – Anne Lamott

4. “I’m always making a comeback but nobody ever tells me where I’ve been.” – Billie Holiday

5. “Making a comeback is one of the most difficult things to do with dignity.” – Greg Lake

6. “That’s the greatest comeback since Lazarus.” – Sid Waddell

7. “There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance.” – Rachel Griffiths

8. “Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback, and that’ll be me.” – Steven Adler

9. “I’m a comeback waiting to happen. No one deserves it more than I do.” – Sean Young

10. “I am facing a challenge, I am not facing defeat. Remember this.” – Nikki Rowe

11. “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Naoki Higashida

Quotes About Great Comebacks in Sports

12. “I’ve learned that something constructive comes from every defeat.”– Tom Landry

13. “The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.”– Pele

14. “I don’t know if God is a sports fan or not, but I do know this: He loves a good comeback.” – Lane Kiffin

15. “The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. That’s the essence of it.” – Vince Lombardi

16. “The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose.”– Ernie Banks

17. “When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge.” – Terry Bradshaw

18. “Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss.”– Doug Williams

19. “Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.”– Marv Levy

20. “During my 18 years I came to bat almost 10,000 times. I struck out about 1,700 times and walked maybe 1,800 times. You figure a ballplayer will average about 500 at bats a season. That means I played seven years without ever hitting the ball.” – Mickey Mantle

21. “To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.” – Picabo Street

22. “Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.” – Jim Valvano

23. “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi

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Comeback Quotes From Successful People About Being an Underdog

24. “I never expect to lose. Even when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

25. “I’ve always felt like the underdog, and I’m comfortable with that label.” – Pink

26. “I love being the underdog.” – Howard Schultz

27. “I’ve always been an underdog. I feel like I beat the odds.” – J. Cole

28. “I am the underdog, and I want to prove that one can follow one’s dreams despite all the flaws and setbacks.” – Winnie Harlow

29. “I was the undersized underdog who people never gave a chance. From that, the motivation to prove people wrong just grew and grew.” – Baker Mayfield

30. “There’s a place in me that can really relate to being the underdog.” – Halle Berry

31. “I just think, as a people in general, we should always look at ourselves as the underdog, so we should always go harder than the next person.” – Shaggy

Comeback Quotes About Finding the Perfect Snarky Comeback Way Too Late

32. “People in France have a phrase: “Spirit of the Stairway.” In French: Esprit de l’escalier. It means that moment when you find the answer, but it’s too late. Say you’re at a party and someone insults you. You have to say something. So under pressure, with everybody watching, you say something lame. But the moment you leave the party… As you start down the stairway, then — magic. You come up with the perfect thing you should’ve said. The perfect crippling put-down. That’s the Spirit of the Stairway.” – Chuck Palahniuk

33. “You only think of the best comeback when you leave.” – Jimmy Fallon

34. “Unfortunately, I am incapable of thinking up perfectly biting, split-second retorts, in any language. The French even have a word for this: l’esprit de l’escalier; staircase wit, something you only think of on the way out.” – Tania Aebi

35. “I always think of the good comebacks on the car ride home.” – Ron Howard

36. “I am often tongue-tied with strangers and have what the philosopher Monsieur Diderot calls l’esprit de l’escalier, staircase wit: only long after a remark is made to me will my imagination supply the thing I should have said in reply.” – Debra Dean

37. “I was sure I’d have the perfect answer sometime tonight.” – Karen Tayleur

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Anonymous Quotes That Make Witty Comebacks

38. “Of course I talk like an idiot. How else could you understand me?” – Unknown

39. “There’s no need to repeat yourself. I ignored you just fine the first time.” – Unknown

40. “No, I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you.” – Unknown

41. “I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.” – Unknown

42. “If you ran like your mouth you’d be in good shape.” – Unknown

43. “I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one.” – Unknown

44. “If you’re going to be two-faced, at least make sure one of them is pretty.” – Unknown

45. “I’ve found puddles deeper than you.” – Unknown

46. “Someday you’ll go far—and I really hope you stay there.” – Unknown

47. “Everyone’s entitled to act stupid once in a while, but you really abuse the privilege.” – Unknown

Hilarious comeback quotes

48. “You’re about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.” – Unknown

49. “It’s hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence.” – Unknown

50. “The village called. They’d like their idiot back.” – Unknown

51. “Oh you’re talking to me, I thought you only talked behind my back.” – Unknown

52. “It’s a shame you can’t Photoshop your personality.” – Unknown

53. “My name must taste good because it’s always in your mouth.” – Unknown

54. “I’m an acquired taste. If you don’t like me, acquire some taste.” – Unknown

More comeback quotes and sayings

55. “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” – William F. Buckley, Jr.

56. “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” – Unknown

57. “Every time I show up to do something here it’s considered a comeback. If I came into town and they didn’t call it that, I’d be disappointed.” – Sheena Easton

58. “To persevere is important to everybody. Don’t give up. Don’t Give in. There is always an answer to everything.” – Louis Zamperini

59. “I do a movie once every four years and they call it a comeback.” – Pam Grier

60. “The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win.” – Kobe Bryant

61. “A great champion deals with setback with a comeback.” – Donna de Varona

62. “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up.” – Michael Jordan

63. “You may be in a tough time but that setback is simply a setup for a greater comeback.” – Joel Osteen

64. “Your setback is just a setup for your comeback.” – Steve Harvey

Which of these comeback quotes inspired you to give it your all?

When you’re on the athletic field, it comes from enduring failures and losses, learning from them all the while. After you eventually triumph, you’ll feel the satisfaction of an extraordinary comeback. 

Maybe your difficulties are in a different part of your life, like your job, your creative side, or your personal life. Wherever you are, your setbacks create an opportunity to persevere and make an inspirational comeback.

Finally, when it comes to conversation, a great funny comeback has to be delivered quickly and decisively, with the perfect blend of clever wit and dry humor. Now you are prepared to make your own great comeback.

Which of these comeback quotes and sayings inspired you to give it your all. Do you have any other inspirational quotes to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

Comeback Quotes To Help You Bounce Back
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